View Full Version : futura 155 or i-sonic 144

16th August 2007, 06:07 PM
With board would be the best for me, sails that i have overdrive r2 10.0 , tushingham lightning 8.5 and neilpryde hellcat.7.2, also have a starboard fin r13 64cm, select superfast 59 cm.
I use the 10.0 (most of the time), then the 8.5, 7.2 maybe 3 times a year..
I wanna use just one board(my weight 100kg) , now i have a formula and a carve 162(2006)
what would better the i-sonic 144( dos it have multiple footstraps positions, or will only have the i-sonic 155 this) or the futura 155 with 85cm..
And will the futura 155 plane earlier then my carve 162 d-ram..
And what planes faster the i-sonic 144 or the futura 155..


14th September 2007, 08:51 PM
Hopefully somebody off the Starboard team will answer your question.

A few years ago my husband owned a Carve 161 which we didn't like because of it being too "easy". We preferred at the time the Carve 131 which we owned too.

Now we are looking for a replacement of the Freeformula 158 2004 and the S-Type 137 2007.
The Futura 155 could be an option but we fear the same lack of sharpness like we experienced the Carve 161 at the time.

14th September 2007, 09:15 PM
Hi Speedlagon,

With your weight and sails, I recomand you the iSonic 144 who plane earlier than the Carve 162 and the Futura 155. This board was develop specialy for racers who are heavy, for the lighter one you have the iSonic 133. Personaly I am using SL2 52cm with my Code Red 10mē in slalom, but I have also a Formula for lighter winds.

In you don't do any competition, you can choose also the iSonic 150 who will be good to replace your Formula, in this case your R13 will be perfect for this board.

All the best