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21st August 2007, 02:19 PM
For Ian,

Good morning Ian,

It was a very hard decision for me to change my old Carve 131 for a new 2007 Carve 133.
I was very pleased with my old Carve 131 and now I am even more pleased with the performance of my 133.
Owning the new Carve for 2,5 months now I was looking at the new website and was surprised that in the 2008 line the carves have disappeared.
But the question is: Do I own a truck now in comparison to the all new Futura 133??!!!! which is described as a sportscar!!!???

Should I have waited 2 months longer, before buying a new Carve 133???

Can you give me an answer on this (if possible, please compare the two boards for me in your answer)

Ian Fox
21st August 2007, 07:55 PM
Hi Willem,

Maybe too many automotive influences sneaking into our market ??

Well, if there is a truck in the range it is probably called "Apollo" rather than Carve 133.
(no doubt on this Remi will kill me, but it's all good fun)
Maybe you have more a sports saloon, and a very developed, classic one at that.

But seriously, while many were suprised to see the farewell of the Carve legend, it certainly leaves significant DNA behind in the new Futura line. One of the main upgrades comes in hi speed ride/control (which is not primarily the reason most owners purchased Carves in recent times c/w iSonic or ST ), wheras the legendary Carve handling has not been sigificantly overshadowed by the Futura handling.

Personally I'm really happy to see the thinning of the old (chunky) profile and lowering of centre of gravity/drive from the ST side of the genetics mix which gives birth to a better package of speed and handling.

It's good to see that after hesitating to upgrade from the older C131 to 133 you found a worthwhile improvement, and we do hope that when you (and others) get the opportunity to try a Futura that you find a similar overall improvement.

Another practical upside to the C133 is you have had a great summer already on the C133, whereas the new Futura 133 will take a little time before it makes it's presence at retail level in a lot of areas based on seasonal imports etc.

Get out there and enjoy the C133 now, don't be too concerned about trucks.
It's all about smiles per hour. The miles per hour is only one aspect of it!
If you see a Futura coming down the track, watch out for him on straights,
but with familiarity and good handling, you can still take him on the curves :)

Cheers ~ Ian

26th August 2007, 02:12 AM
Thank you for the quick and complete answer to my question, but I d'like to add a little story, hope you can find the time...
I 'm a 56 years young windsurfer and still going strong! First one on my homespot with a Starboard. I am very satisfied with the boards and after lending my board (Carve)to friends most of them were also impressed.
That was 4 years ago and now when I go surfing I see atleast 15 Starboard surfboards from Go's to Isonics on the water.
And like you said in your answer: smile and enjoy is the most important!!!!
Everybody on my homespot has a big grin on the face and me on my Carve 133 2007, I have the biggest smile of them all!!!!

Thanks for your time Ian and I really mean it: Keep going this way with the whole Starboardteam
Hangloose from Holland

Ian Fox
26th August 2007, 09:01 AM
Hi Willem, that is really good news and a nice message to receive as well. In the next days we all meet in Bangkok with the distributors from around the world, and some of the funnest guys in this group are the crew from Holland (also very strong in the "arm wrestling" contests held, usually with prizes of beers !). So I'll be pleased to pass the good message from your side onto them as well :)

Thanks and Cheers ~ Ian