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22nd August 2007, 12:58 AM
HI Guys,
I just ordered the Evo 80 07 and can't wait to use it. I live in New England and wave sail in all wind conditions. I try to keep a two board quiver and my bigger board is an AHD wave/freestyle 105. I use it for 5.7-6.7. I do want to maximize the range of the evo and use it for 5.7 as well and have taken your advice from past posts on getting a 25cm fin. My question is- in preparing for the upcoming windy season- will the stock fin be ok with a 4.0 in side/side on conditions? I weigh 165 lbs. In perfect world I would have a smaller board but we have allot of 5.3-5.7 fun wave days in rhode island with the occasional 4.0. I am stoked on this board and want to maximize it.

22nd August 2007, 02:48 AM
It depends a bit on the waves and on your riding style and preferences, but generally, I think you'll find the original 2007 Drake Natural 23cm fin perfectly OK even with a 4.0. I've used it with 4.0 myself and so has a few friends and for some type of 4.0 sailing its very good. So, I think you can safely wait for windy season and it it does turn out you'll find it too big you can always get a smaller fin later.

The way you'll know if its too big has not so much to do with any instability in a straightline, tail walks or such things. The 23 will not be nearly powerful enough to cause such phenomena. Instead, the first way I notice its time to change fins is if the conditions call for some fast cutbacks and the board kind of gets a bit stiff in such turns. But again, in x-on, even 4.0 stuff, not many sailors get up to the wave riding speed where this becomes a factor.

23rd August 2007, 04:31 PM
I've an 07 EVO80. I'm 206lbs. I find it a fantastic board with a 5.7

I got an extra 25cm fin too but as long as I'm powered up I prefer to use the 23 fin with the 5.7

I think in 4.0m weather you are getting towards the limits of the board. If you can keep it in the water it's OK but once you're in the air there's a lot of board for the wind to catch. I'd agree with Ola that using a smaller fin is of little benefit - I've tried a 21, not much difference.

scott mckercher
26th August 2007, 10:22 AM
I There
I'm 84 kg's and use the 23 fin all the time when I use the 80 as it's the best combination for keeping the board loose waveridin, and up to 5.7 find it fine to get me up and planing and around the place.
Just not trying to load up the back foot when trying to get upwind.
I would only use the board down to 5.3 weather as I'd be jumping onto a smaller board, but is inshore stuff I'm sure the 80 wil do you well in windier conditions down to 4.0 as well.
Hope you like the board
Scott mcK

27th August 2007, 04:46 PM
Hi there:
Scott: When you sail overpowered with Evo 80 /5.3 what board do you get, Evo 70 or 74 in the 4.7 /5.3 range?