View Full Version : kombat tuffskin vrs kombat pricing anybody

22nd August 2007, 11:59 PM
Ok all punters, out of the "save money for more kit " attitude, so I can pay other bills, like dog food and house mortgage.
Is the tuffskin less price then he full kombat NON tuffskin??

I would like to add a kombat shape into my board line ( all 2 boards and all old ( ie 5 years plus ) thus the cheapie question)

I also 1 . rarely have the conditons to justify the all out kombat price, and

2. could cross use a kombat for newbie shortboard learners aka hackers / and personal use
3. even thou my current "kit is krap" .. ahem , the admiral ( my wife) has not given the go ahead to expand the fleet. ie: 1 aircraft carrier ( 2001 formula 155) and the 1. submarine ( evo 92 2005 bought used off the USN )
The DORS ( department of radical shredding) is out of cash

thanks in advance !!

your sincerly shredulato

" may you shred till the sunsets on you last bomb set"

23rd August 2007, 04:21 PM
Hi schredulato!

Try this one (in french): http://hitech-sails.com/marque/produit.php?gamme=31&marque=2

It's the French importer, so i guess these are the recommended 2008 retail prices.

Keep schreddin'!