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mark h
31st August 2007, 04:31 AM
Hi Ian
I'm about to order an 08 iS86 & iS111. My local dealer has offered me a close-out deal on 07 iS87 & iS111 (also grabbing an ex-demo 07 iS50).

I'm replacing a Sonic 90/100/125 with the two new iS boards. I'm 105kg ish, 192cm tall and will use the boards for GPS sailing so no slalom comps.

The 08 iS111 tail width is the same as my Sonic 125 & the max fin size has also increased C/W the 07 iS111. Does this mean that the 08 iS will sail better with a 9m C/W the 07 iS? This board would be for 7.6m & 9m winds only.

Pretty much the same question as above for the iS86 Vs iS87, is it going to feel more like my old Sonic 100 or Sonic 90 when powered in fully powered 7.3m/6.4/occassional 5.8m winds. I noticed the iS86 max fin size has increased to 38cm (pretty near to max Sonic fin territory) so kinda hope it will sail bigger than my Sonic 90 to get it out in lighter winds?

My old Sonic 110 (46cm tail width) used to work OK with a 9m but the S125 was nicer. Im I thinking along the right lines that the 08 iS111 is going to sail slightly bigger with its 50.2cm tail width?

I tried my Warp 7.6m on a friends iS87/32cm fin in low 20k winds, it kinda worked OK (was really suprised). I had problems with to much lift in the wind-ward rail but as it was'nt my board I could'nt tune to eliminat the problem, but think I could. So Warp 7.3m might be nice light wind speed combo?

Thanks in advance


P.S. Will be back with iS144 questions soon as I'm going to drop Formula in favour off a new 85cm slalom.

mark h
6th September 2007, 04:14 AM
Hi again
I was in Lanzaroti on holiday when I asked the original question and thought that less boards would be good. But, now that I'm home and been remindered what the UK's variable winds are like, I'm sticking with 3 slalom boards. Please ignor the questions above. I really dont want to drop the Sonic 100. I'm going to build my board quiver around the S100. I'm now getting an iS76 & close out deal on iS122. iS122 is straight forward (light winds) but is the iS76 going to be much quicker compaired to my S90 (& iS87/86) in GPS mode (wont be used for slalom racing)? I noticed the iS76 tail width OFO is much wider than my 05 S90, will this slow things down?