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1st September 2007, 02:49 AM
As a 100 k sailer of 25 years experience and having just bought a gps and want to be the first of my group to record 30 knots ,is there any heavier sailer out there who can recommend a board-hypsonic.s type.isonic etc.
I am happest sailing with sails between 6.6 and 9.4 on a mega cat,starboard carve 145 and F2 Xantos 295 but would like to try a more modern style slalom board.

1st September 2007, 04:17 AM
With 100k on board all modern freerides / slaloms will easily achieve 30 knots.
I`m 103 k and have had great results (for such a big board) on a 2003 Powerglide 130 which for 7.5 sails is my favourite.Its seems to have right relationship between width and volume for heavier sailors.(They`re pretty cheap now aswell)
Others to consider (in my experience) Carve 122.S type 126.Stoke 126. Tabou 69
Personally I`d avoid very dedicated boards; IMO you just dont need them any more.
Again for a big sailor the Goya FXR is both very fast and remains loose.(Needs plenty of power though) Its a match for Slalom type boards (more than a match ;with plenty of weight on it) yet it is still fantastic in rough water/waves. Dont think S board do an equivalent . (But I haven`t sailed Futura)

Going new Goya FXR (125 or 105); Tabou 69 ; S type 126

Second hand; Powerglide 130; Stoke 126 ; S type 126. Carve 122

All above are capable of nearer 40 mph with 100k on them but FXR is the most versatile. (Its most versatile board I have had)

Erik Loots
1st September 2007, 04:27 AM
You could do 30 knots on the SB Carve 145, but it doesnt come to just the board...

I what kind of conditions would you like to go 30 knots?
What sails are you using, size?
What kind of fins do you use/own?

Few things:
-6.6 is good size voor high speed, but rig it good.
-You need enough wind, on an good balanced board/sail/vin combo you can go 30 knots in 15 knots wind.
-Go downwind, try to go deeeeeeep downwind. You will find out when you lose pressure in your sail, but till that point you will go faster and faster. The more wind, the deeper you should go for topspeed, till 135 degrees off wind.

1st September 2007, 06:32 PM
Really does depend where you are sailing.
On open sea we should all really sail on boards which can get us home when wind dies.(For speed/slalom anyway; where wind is invariably offshore for fastest speeds)
On lake/canals etc choice is endless.
The dedicated "speed" boards (ie isonics etc) tend to be very wide at the chosen volume.You might find yourself under volumed getting the appropriate "speed" board. (They will plane just as early (probably earlier) than narrower /higher volume "freeride".Hence its important to know venue before recommending even a type of board.
To be honest I reckon any modern board will easily achieve speeds mentioned. (on flat water with a good rig. Its deciding what other qualities you want ?
Ease of sailing ? Carving ability ? Resrve volume ? Board use in other conditions ?
Future speed potential ?
And what wind speeds you want to get 30 knots in.? Very few would do it in 15 knots, and those that do would be unusable (IMO) in 25+.Look for the board that can do it in 20 knots and can still be used (happily) in 30 k. (Carves; Tabou Rocket)
If you go down high efficiency board route (ie isonics; JP slalom etc) have a go on one first (definitely).They are fast but can be loads more of a handfull in chop/on limit.Going fast is also about being comfortable; not just being on a highly efficient board. (My weight is 100k also)
At Feurteventura last year I was faster on a Tabou Rocket than on either JP slalom 114 (Mk 11) or F2 SX medium; but both are faster boards than the rocket ???

6th September 2007, 01:08 AM
Hi Squiz
As I mentioned in your other thread I did more than 30 konts (30.4 to be exact) on a carve 145. I used a Tushingham T-bird 6.5 and a 44 cm weed!!! fin. Wind was like 25 knots and the water very flat. Water condition means a lot.
It's a very funny game to do max speeds with a GPS. I only did 0.2 knots more on a Carve 111 than on the 145. Strange as the board was smaller. Clocking +30 knots was rare and a hard job on both boards though.
After I switched to an S-type 115 I can go out any day on my local spot in + 25 knots of wind and clock more than 31 knots, even with a less racy sail - a five batten Tushingham Storm (wave/hi- wind sail). The S-type is just more speedy and secure than my carves were. Very good slalom sailors on tx. iSonics with pure race sails will do something like 1 or 2 knots more in the same conditions (and a lot better average speed and planing through lulls).