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10th September 2007, 02:37 PM
Hallo Remi, Ian + co, already got a isonic 122, but was thinking abouth getting that new 133 85w isonic, as a lightwind alternative to formula..Have you already tried it?..Whats the differences?...My weight is 210 pounds, sails would be 9,2-10,7..and im not doing
competions etc..


10th September 2007, 04:03 PM
Hi Aj,

In your case I will recomand you the 144 minimum for your weight and sails size. This board plane earlier than the iSonic 133 from 2007 and are really more free under your feet. You have also a wide wind range with beter performances in all compartment.

All the best

mark h
11th September 2007, 01:42 AM
Hi Remi,
I was thinking of dropping my F159 for the new iS144. I'd be using a 9m & 11m NS Warps and Deb 58 & 64cm R13. All things being equall (weight, skill, effort etc) how much extra wind would 105kg guy need to get going on the iS144 compaired with an Formula 159?

P.S. I get my new iS76 this weekend.

11th September 2007, 12:50 PM
Maybey you try Apollo?? For early planning and enhough bouancy for your weight?

11th September 2007, 01:24 PM
Hi Mark h,

Before to answer I would like to know your motivation and what you want to do with you new board?

Deb is big so 64 is really to big.

For info we build this iSonic 144 for heavy racers over 95 kgs. In case you like the Formula style better to go to the F162 or Apollo or maybe and intermediate board like the iSonic 150 who your fins will be perfect.

Wait for your reply

All the best

11th September 2007, 02:39 PM
Hallo remi, thanx for the repley, i was going for the 133 85w cos i wanted something
between my my is122 and my f160 for lightwind slalom-blasting..so you really think
144 is the answer?....

11th September 2007, 06:59 PM

How does the iS144 compare with last years iS155 with regard to early planing etc? I'll be using sails between 8.5 and 10.3, weight = 80kgs, light winds only (I have a new iS 111 for stronger winds)



mark h
11th September 2007, 11:20 PM
Hi Remi, thanks for the quick reply.
My motivation is just for fun & GPS, not racing. I think that the iS144 might be faster than my F159 downwind in light 8 to 15 knot winds, is this correct?

I love my current F159 but would be happy to replace it with a new iS144 if It only needs a couple of knots extra to get going . I'm not looking for an Apollo/F162/iS150, if the iS144 needs alot more wind than the F159 to plan, I will keep my F159 for super light winds.

I realise that a Formula will plan earlier than a 85cm slalom, but is there only a couple of knots different in there planning threshold?

The SB brochure does say that the iS144 will take a max fin of 64cm. I did think this was a mistake as the tail width (OFO) is only 58cm. Are you saying that the iS144 will not take a 64cm for 11m sails on super light wind days?

I would use the iS144 in winds from around 15 knots and hopefully down to 8 knots. My sails are 2005 Warps 9m & 11m (my 11.9m will be to big so will be retired for now). Fins will be Select Super fast 48cm/Select Ultra 58cm & R13 64cm for really light winds (if it works OK!).

I'm 105kg and around 192cm tall with an active style of sailing. On flat water, I normally get planning (slow planning) in around 6 to 7 knots with the 11m and C3 bravo 70cm fin. I'v had 4 SB formula boards and loved them all for light wind sailing. I normally change my formula boards each year, I liked the F159 so much I'v keep't it for 2-years, but, I just fancy a change from formula. This years new PWA 85cm rule has lowered slaloms planning threshold even more and looks (to me) like a good alternative to FW. I'm just not too sure if the new iS144 is close to FW in terms of early planning, hopefully it is, and then a new iS144 will be on my shopping list. Hopefully you clarify how much difference there is in low-end power iS144 Vs F159. Look forward to hearing what your thoughts are.

Many thanks

Mark H

mark h
11th September 2007, 11:23 PM
Hi Phil
Have you tried your new iS111? How does it compair to your old iS115? If I end up getting a iS144, I will need to also get a iS111 (or maybe a iS101 not sure as yet) to go with my iS76.


12th September 2007, 12:33 AM

There are 2 Phil's at Brogborough and I'm the other one without the iS115! - I had the iS 125 until last week. (The other Phill has 2 'll's)
The iS111 was delivered today so I haven't been able to try it yet - the wind looks ok for Sunday so I might get the chance then. Phill might let me try his 115 to compare the two ...

12th September 2007, 12:53 AM

I would be happy to let you compare the two. Your new 111 looks lovely, shame you haven't seen it yet.;)

p.s. You're never 80kg:eek:

12th September 2007, 02:03 AM

Very funny.....some of us have to work for a living.....I'll be up tomorrow afternoon to collect it!
At least I'm lighter than you....

mark h
14th September 2007, 03:34 PM
Soz Phil & Phill, two of you at the beach. See you at Weymouth.

Looking forward to hearing Remi's comments/comparision on the iS144 Vs F159 in the low-end department.


14th September 2007, 07:32 PM
Hi Aj,

Yes for your weight beter to chose the iSonic 144, this board was made specialy for heavy racer like you.

All the best

14th September 2007, 07:37 PM
Hi Marrk h,

After reading your long post, if you want to replace your F159 and going faster with your gps without doing competition, the iSonic 150 is for you.

This board will be more easy to use your Formula and going faster on the reach and downwind. Good for your gps.

You will plane a little later than the Formula but more an enjoy machine.

All the best

mark h
15th September 2007, 06:26 PM
Hi Remi
Thanks for the reply. I'm not really looking to change to the easier ride of a iS150. I used to have a 2005 Free Formula wood (the one before the F-Type, 222 x 100) and preffered the crisper ride of the F158 & F159. The board would only be used in sub-15 knots (so real light winds).

I still wonder if in 10 to 15 knots, the iS144 will be faster than a F159.

Could you confirm if the iS144 will take a 64cm fin? Also, is it suitable for an 11m? It does say it will take a 64cm and 11m in the brochure but wonder if its a printing error! From the OFO tail width, I'd have thought 58cm and 10m max!

I'm suprised that the iS150 (assumming its like the F-Type bottom shape) planes up sooner than the sharper iS144, even though the iS144 is slightly narrower. Is this correct?

Soz for all the questions, but I want to make sure I get it right this year with no costly mistakes.

Many thanks

PS. I get my iS76 on Monday in time for Weymouth Speed Week, just hope its as windy as last year.

15th September 2007, 06:42 PM
Hi Mark h,

Ok, I never put a soo big fin on this board, I am using the iSonic 133 with 10mē and SL 2 52cm in slalom. I will receave a 56cm, but really think 64cm is really too much to go fast, I prefer to get my Formula in this case.

The iSonic 133/144 are faster than Formula over 12 knots with 10mē on the reach or downwind. You can use also a 11mē on the 144.

The iSonic 150 plane earlier than the 133/144 due to the fact the board is wider in the tail and can handle bigger fins and bigger sails.

All the best

mark h
15th September 2007, 08:50 PM
Thanks Remi.