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14th September 2007, 06:26 AM
Alright... this is the game plan. Tomrrow afternoon is going to be pretty windy according to the forecasts. All of them are saying at least 20 knots. Which usually translates to at least 25 but normally more like over 30 knots. My smallest gear is a 5.8 ezzy 2004 SE wave (which I can overdownhaul and make into a 5.3) and a hypersonic 111. The chop is going to be around knee high. I am going to be overpowered for sure. What is the best way to deal with it? I am going to put my boom low, my mast track all the way forward. I have the footstraps in the most outboard and back position. I am 145-150 pounds (around 67-68 kg) and 6 feet tall (184 cm)

What else can I do?

And I have been taking out a friends kombat 05 95 L and have learned how to jump and land reasonably well (ie not flat ;-) ) so I was thinking of maybe boasting some bigger jumps. But if I am pretty overpowered, the board is going to have so much lift when the air gets under it... won't it?

anyways just wondering how to make my sesh a little easier on me,


14th September 2007, 07:30 AM
Hi Thomas,
Most of what you suggest you are going to try will work, but don't put the mast foot all the way forward.
Hypersonics are pretty "sticky" to start with, and putting the mast foot all the way forward will just make your HS 111 alot more "sticky" probably give you the roughest ride you've ever had.
You aren't that heavy to need (or be able to handle) the Hyper with the mast foot all the way foward.
Best thing to do would be to borrow a 5.0 rig with an appropriate mast and boom, and get a really small fin.
Hope this helps,

14th September 2007, 08:08 AM
hmmmm and if I can't borrow a 5.0? Just deal with it and ride over the chop with soft knees? ahahahahahahaha. This is where I wish I had the cash to buy an 85-90 L FSW. I have been borrowin g a friends kombat like I said before and wow, what a difference. Jumping high is so much fun! Same with carving up and down chop :-) But I am about 1000 dollars off for a new board. And I need a new smaller boom and smaller rigs too.

What do you think of my idea of selling my 6.6? Its a bit older, I never ever seem to use it (I am either overpowered on 7.6 speed sailing or going around on my 5.8 marginally powered and doing heli tacks and planing freestyle stuff (workin on body drags next). I was thinking I could maybe go down to a 5.8 next. Since the ezzy has such a big range (lots of downhaulability if thats a word)

Anyways, tomorrow should be fun. I almost have the trick to planing carve jibes. And duck jibes I am about to try...

Oh, and roger, how are you recovering?\


14th September 2007, 11:09 AM

How did it go?

My experience with the hypersonic was that it tolerated long, low jumps when cruising with a big sail, but it would fly out of control if you caught air when powered up on a small sail. Also, ditto what Roger said about keeping the mast track back to avoid burying the nose at speed. Frankly, I didn't care for the hypersonic in high wind and chop- too scary.

Narrower boards are a lot easier to control for jumps. If you can't afford another new board, you can probably find a perfectly adequate used board for very cheap. If you are in the US, check www.iwindsurf.com. They have some waveboards for under $150 that would suit your purposes just fine.

Good luck.

14th September 2007, 02:37 PM
whatever you do, don't over do it (4 weeks off the water due to 1 stupid mistake does hurt). at 85Kg and 30 kts == 4.2 & K86 and VERY well powered. Use the very smallest fin you can lay your hands on. You can make up for too much wind by tuning your gear towards poor performance e.g. mast max shoulder high, flat sail (normal downhaul AND strong outhaul).

15th September 2007, 01:20 AM
Well in short .... yes you're going to get flattened ;).

This is from experience, I've learned all about sailing hyper in stupid conditions - the hard way. Which shouldn't stop you from having fun (sort of...).

Btw, get yourself a nice fsw board (such as Kombat) of max 85 litres.

PS Let us know how it went.

15th September 2007, 06:27 AM
Yes. At 111 litres the HS (or any other board for that matter) is too high volume for 30kts. Smaller volume board has to be easier to control and more fun. Once the wind is over 20kts with HS it pays big dividends to go onto a small fin. Beyond that it is technique, like pushing the mast away in the gusts, that make things a touch easier to manage. Ripping reaches with more than the odd crash though.

16th September 2007, 01:44 AM
Beyond that it is technique, like pushing the mast away in the gusts, that make things a touch easier to manage. Ripping reaches with more than the odd crash though.
When you feel the need to push the mast away (forward) to maintain control:
- lines not far enough back
- lines not long enough
- sail not flat enough

16th September 2007, 04:04 AM
well it went ok. The wind was very gusty (it always is with a SW direction) so there would be random lulls of 10 knots then huge gusts of apperently 30+ knots. So this made the water reasonably flat. I managed ok. I actually got a couple of jibes in with TONS of speed. I really just focused on getting low, lowering my boom and going on an upwind line. I did try and jump the hyper. Big mistake. I treated it as I did my friends 95 L kombat. AHAHAHAHAHA... There was so much wind and the ramp was so steep, the board just seemed to go out of control. The wind was wrenching it around untill finally I lost control and kind of mid air catipulted (I say it was a forward loop ;-) ) and ate it hard. I was sailing with a friend with a GPS I was passing him going full speed too. ahahahahah luckily no damage to anything, but wow.

It was survival sailing mostly. I was so tired afterwards too.

I went out today in a little less wind (25 knots) and was really amazed how comfertable I had gotten with higher speeds. I was sailing fine today, in more of an open river kind of place. Great fun, some sweet ramps and swell (4 feet max) for jumping, but lol I learned better

Anyone know how I can raise more money for my board purchasing needs? Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas to make cash fast. The windy season in canada is starting now, and I really want to be able to sail. I am dieing to try a forward loop :-)

16th September 2007, 05:48 AM
To clarify. Not pushing the mast forward - the rig is raked back and the mast is pushed sideways to handle the gusts. Refer the article 'Breakthrough Stance' in Wind Surfing April 2005 by Charles Ivey PhD who analysed the techniques of the likes of Finlan Maynard. Given the above stance, it is indeed necessary to have the longer harness lines positioned relatively back, but in combination with rig separation, standing tall and leaning a bit forward plus other things to keep the whole show in balance. Works for me, but each to their own!