View Full Version : Twin-Fin Acid?

14th September 2007, 10:50 AM
Levi Siver is pictured on a twin-fin Acid at the latest PWA wave contest in Brazil. Obviously it worked pretty well for him (3rd place in the contest). 1st place Kauli Seadi was also using twin-fin boards.

I wonder if multi-fin boards have advantages for less skilled sailors, and if they will ever make it into starboard's production line.

18th September 2007, 09:32 PM
there is a little comment on this board on Kevin Pritchard's blog



19th September 2007, 12:53 AM
OK. I forgot about this question. Twin fins are a big trend among a few of the pros. Kauli started it and got his first summer 2006, but it was his performance at the Cabo Verde event that got more people interested. But the jury is still out on whether is a concept suitable for production boards. Levi for example did not use a tin at the Guincho event (but Kauli and some others did). The people that use twins all seem to like how they allow the rider to draw avery thigh line on a fast hollow wave. That's is not exactly the type of thing most regular sailors do. But like other concepts the twin fin can very well develop into more main stream. No doubt Starboard is looking into a lot of different stuff for the future and multi fin boards is one of them. However, the road from an interesting concept to a good all round production board is very long.