View Full Version : iSonics fins/tail width

17th September 2007, 04:37 PM
Hi Ian

New 2008 iSonics are wider in the tail so new stock fins are 2 cm longer, and what I find a bit odd, the recommended max fin size is 4cm longer (for example 111 & 122 have gone from max 44/46 to max 48/50cm). I think it's a rather large difference. Are these recommendations strict/accurate enough?
While we're at it, I am about to get an iS122 (2007 model, second hand). Do you think I could use a 47 fin (such as Select rs7 or s07) to maximize lightwind/upwind performance with a 9.0? Rider weight 85kg, already tried the board a few times (with an aftermarket fin though) and liked it ;).


17th September 2007, 06:43 PM
Hi Screamer,

I use this board this year with SL2 44cm and Code Red 9mē in slalom, so you can increase the size, but I used my boards only for slalom , when I put bigger fin for the same sail, I am slower.

Hope this can help.