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17th September 2007, 06:46 PM
I'm 83 kg. and I'm going to buy a new wave board on the 85-90 liters range. I'm thinking about the EVO90 but I did not find anyone able to give me some feedback about this board.
I only heard roumors about the fact that it is not the fastest planning board.
Can anyone give me some advices and user feedback?
Many thanks

19th September 2007, 02:17 PM
I some sense would agree on that EVOs are not the most fast planing board and when discussing wave board choice with people I'm sure to point that out. However, there is both technique end feel involved in planing early and some people neither experience the feeling that the EVOs are in any way slow and also plane just as early as with anything else. So, it seem this is very individual. I personally plane just as early with my EVOs as with other wave boards comparable in size.

If you are looking for something that primarily feels fast and crisp, I think you should look at a fast rockered big classic wave board like the PA86 or a crossover/fsw board like the Kombat 89. Both if these rip in waves and plane very early.

But if you're main goal is wave riding and especially if you're not only riding super fast breaking spots with sideshore winds, the EVOs are unbeatable in my opinion. That goes for the 90 too and its amazing how ogod also these big boards are in the waves. The 90 will be a bit of a light winder at your weight and if you're looking for a an all round wave board, the 80 will be a better choice. It will still go up to something like 5.7 and be far more comfortable with smaller sails than the 90.

19th September 2007, 08:44 PM
Ok understood, many thanks.
As a frined of mine is in the same situation but he is 96 kg. do you think he will be able to use the E90 a single waveboard or a E100 will be better? He also has an S-Type 126

Many thanks again

19th September 2007, 08:58 PM
Hmm, 96 kilo. That's Antoine territory and he's often on the 100. It a tough call though as it to a very significant degree will depend on the level of the sailor and the type of conditions sailed. The 90 and 100 have a lot i common though and if the waves (or rather the riding speed) is not to fast, I think he will get by with the 100. This is a really interesting thing with the EVOs: as long as you're not going too fast (on the wave), even the big ones turn in a beautiful way. For me at sub 70 kilos, the 100 is a HUGE board - a complete monster as wave boards go. Still, last time i tried it in cross on 5.3 and shoulder high waves I had a much easier time to hit the lip with the EVO 100 than with my Kombat 79 (which has the same rocker as the Pure Acids). I would have been better off with the EVO 75 or 80, but the point is that the 100 still worked and that goes to say it is still a very maneuverable wave board. But the more riding speeds increase, the more you ned to down size your EVO.

But again, in "real world conditions" and at 96 kilos the 100 is probably the best choice.

22nd September 2007, 02:39 PM
Hi Ola,

Me being 97kg heavy I am curious as to which sails Antoine uses his Evo100 with and in what conditions (windspeed/sails) does he step down to Evo90? Do you happen to know?

Me myself I have noticed that I am probably enjoying small sail, big board (around 100 liters) combo more than big sail, small board combo. Usually it makes it easier to keep speed when bearing downwind in bottom-turn (side/side-on conditions) and the board doesn' t sink so much if it happens to lose the speed after cutback. I have also noticed that I pretty much keep 6.2 as the max sail for wavesailng (16-20knots) and then step down to 5.7 (at 19-22knots). I would most likely step down to Evo90 at 5.0 weather (stable winds over 22knots) if the winds are stable on the inside.


23rd September 2007, 01:37 PM
I don't exactly know that but I know he used the 100 at Guincho when fx Scott McK was using 5.0 (but AA probably 6.0). I don't know if you have seen the 100 live? Its in fact rather similar to the 90 in planform and the biggest difference is added thickness. Even at my weight (70) the 100 is easy to turn so its definitely not something that requires AA strength to work. The extra volume more give some welcome reserve for a biger guy to carry a bigger sail (like 6.2) more effectively. AA was very happy about it in Guincho and said "it allows me to plane just as early as the small guys". In any case, I have a hard time imagining which other 100l board that could compete with the wave riding performance of the EVO 100.

My guess on AA is that if its not a very fast wave, he stays on the 100 quite long and can then jump directly to the 80.