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21st September 2007, 03:31 PM
Carbon art is simply better I think, I have try last week the carbon art slalom 58 and when I have compared to my isonic 101 07, just one word carbon art is better for all. In speed, gybing, extreme sea because don't fear with the extra lenght of the carbon art (2.50m) isonic is 2.32m, I'm sorry to tell you the truth but that's a fact carbon art slalom is one or the best board maybe in the world

21st September 2007, 05:34 PM
Fine for you, now you can beat AA, cause he still uses these crappy, slow, short, heavy, uncontrollale and ugly iSonics.


21st September 2007, 08:20 PM
Aren't we lucky to have you ... to tell us the truth


21st September 2007, 08:26 PM
I don't agree with this reasoning.
The fact that AA can beat each other one slalom sailor on this planet, and the vast majority of them with total ease, does not mean that one can not find an "X" board superior to the one used by AA. The average guy on that "X" board will anyhow be killed by AA on his 101, but maybe he will be able to exploit the (superior?) qualities of the "X" board to such a degree that he will enjoy a better sailing experience.
Starboard iSonic is backed by some experienced designers and a "dream team" of exceptional sailors; Carbon Art is backed by the experience, dedication and accuracy of a few of the most experienced guys in the industry (the name of Phil McGain alone is a totally valid warranty to my eyes); both makes can claim to have good, tested and valid designs. Of course, CA is not big enough to pay the expenses of a "dream team", but I am not sure this is a bad thing, as I prefer to think that all of my money goes into the board, and not into someone else's sailing, World champion or less.
It seems logical to me to think that Cobra/Starboard simply can not match the accurate custom craftsmanship of CA. I guess that superior construction (I am not talking of carbon vs. wood, but rather of accurate shape and ideal stiffness to weight ratio) enables the use of different, more efficient shapes.
Of course one has to consider the whole package, including cost, availability, having a dealer next to home, etc.; so I guess that choice may be quite personal. Starboard is there and is successful, Carbon Art is there too, and is successful too, in a different way.

24th September 2007, 07:22 PM
Your reasoning is totally valid. AA would probably beat just about anyone riding just about anything (although he improved significantly in PWA after changing from AHD as I recall). Of course an individual might find a board that suits him better than a world champ's choice.

That's not the point here though. The point is condescending, "know-it-all" tone of the first post (on *board forum at that). Otherwise known as trolling ;)

28th September 2007, 02:11 PM
What is the AA? For the board, it's totally true, carbon art have now one of the very best slalom board in the world, I have try and compare...