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27th September 2007, 03:01 AM
I recently seem to have developed a new problem and I can't figure out what the solution is.

I've come away from the last few sailing sessions feeling as though the surface of the water was badly bumpy and that I was a bit out of control and uncomfortable because of it. Other guys on the water don't seem to have found it too bad and I don't think I was overpowered but the knees and back are starting to take strain.

I've recently started sailing smaller boards (I've just got an Evo 74) and also changed to a waist harness about 6 months ago. I didn't notice the problem immediately I switched to the waist harness but maybe it is something that has developed with time. I switched because of the usual advantages you hear about regarding waist harnesses but also because I was finding the seat harness pretty uncomfortable (certain things were getting squashed).

Looking at some recent photos of my stance, I look as though I am standing very vertically rather than hanging out over the water.

So how to I go about fixing the problem? Adjust stance, wishbone height, harness lines? I feel as though I should be able to get it right with a waist harness.

Any ideas on how to reduce the bumpy ride would be much appreciated.


29th September 2007, 02:21 AM

I guess no one wants to tackle this one, probably because there could be a lot of different issues. One thing I see is that the legs & knees must work at absorbing the bumps, not only to minimize the pounding, but to keep the board on the surface of the water.

Keeping everything straight and vertical is fast, but it's also rough on the body. Longer harness lines might let you get further away from the boom and "hang over the water" more. It used to be cool to have really short harness lines, but many of the top racers are now going longer.

I have back problems so I do a lot of exercises (core muscle work) to prevent strains. I also were a fabric weight lifting belt for lower back support. I find that this works well when there is a lot of pounding. I have never used a waist harness and love the seat harness. If your "things" are getting squashed, try something like a speedo under your swim suit, it will keep them out of harms way.

Others may have some different suggestions to help you out.