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28th September 2007, 02:14 PM
I've just searched but can't find much, anyone reviewed a 79L Kombat?

I'm 74kg and I can't decide on either the 87 or the 79L. I'm

I've already got 130 and 100L boards, which cover me for most things. But I'm spending most of my time on the 100L and thinking the 130's days are numbered, although the 100 just needs a bit more for ober light wind. I'm happy waterstarting & carving, but not jumping yet...!

I could go 110, 87 and 74(?) or 130, 100 and 79?

Guess I'll get to the point and ask a question.

What is the 79 Kombat like? Sail size, wind range... chop, costal, flatwater, inland....


28th September 2007, 08:32 PM
The 79 is a very nice board both for flat water/chop blasting and for wave sailing. At my 70 kilos, I would say the blasting range is 4.0-6.0. For waves I think it starts to get a bit big at 4.5 and especially if its a faster wave. The general feel from the K79 is that its fast and effective with a GREAT turn. Just a very nice board, simply.

Whether the 87 or 79 is the right size depends on what you want from the board. The 87 handle high wind rather good too, especially when just blasting around (ie not sailing waves) and be a bit more effective with sails around 6.0 and also offer s0me more reserve volume for easier slow speed manouevers. But the 79 will of course handle powered up sailing from 5.0 and down in an even more natural way and if you're not doing lots of high wind wave sailing the 79 will probably be a very good all round and high wind board at your weight.