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Switch from custom?
29th September 2007, 10:28 AM
95kg, 185cm, physically fit, using full-on race sails, racing both pure downwind slalom and figure 8. Looking for a 1-board slalom solution for anything from marginal 8.0 down to 6.0 for the rare flying-spray 30knot days. The sweetspot is 7.2, which covers about 80% of my racing (and training). Currently using a custom board - 61cm wide, 258cm long; sweet spot fin for the 7.2 is a 38cm Goldwing. Not afraid to hold the hammer down (clocked over 37 knots on the GPS on 6.0 and 34 Goldwind in open water/choppy conditions).

Tried the 07 iS111, as well as the F2SX Medium. Liked both; at this point I'd choose the 111, even though it doesn't have the super-fast, on-rails jibes of my custom (but then, I don't think any board that size would), and I want the extra width for more efficiency through holes and for accelerating out of jibes.

The 08 111 is wider than the 07 - does it sail bigger, too? If so, I might be tempted to go to the 101. Or does it the have the same tope end, just slightly more range towards the bottom end? And does the drawn in outline in the tail improve the jibing a bit?

Please advise, as I have to order in the next week or so to get timely delivery.

Ian Fox
30th September 2007, 07:14 AM
Hi Switch,

Although the tail outline makes the new 2008 iSonics look significantly "bigger" (size for size) c/w 2007/2006, the 2008 boards still sweetspot around the same sail size/range.
However the new boards do expand the performance range, with potential for both better top end (higher A/R planing area, better top end control, revised rocker line offering better top end release) - as well as deepening the potential for bottom end range with the wider outline. The jibe (especially on the 101) is pretty good by all raceboard (and even fast freeride) standards, aided in 2008 by the tail kick. iS111 is not quite as sharp but also requires a little more application of mid jibe power to get the most from it- here there definitely is a small but significant learning curve or update in technique to get the most from the new designs (c/w more traditional slaloms).

Considering the rider weight, sail range and infrequency of the "rare flying-spray 30knot days", the 2008 iS111 is definitely still your ideal "all round" one board choice. Without doubt it will sweetspot (95kg) the 7.2m perfectly, and still retain marginal 8.0 performance.
Spray flying 30 kt 6.0 days you'll have your hands full, but realistically on those days so would even iS101 -and in these crazy conditions, adopting a bigger board "blast across the top" style rather than a "fully controlled, sit down in chop" smaller board technique can still be a very competitive solution, especially for bigger/heavier/stronger riders who have the fulcrum ability to keep the back of the iS fully loaded in harmony with a LOT of rig (mastfoot) pressure.

In pure GPS the iS101 would be the choice, however GPS seems to be a lower priority (??) on your list of criteria. In open water/chop speed (as above) the 111 may not be that far behind the 101 (if ridden as described) - and realistically in full flat water GPS speed in 30kt/6.0m conditions, both iS101 and 111 will be overshadowed in Vmax performance by mid (iS76/86) or dedicated (iS50) sized boards (point here being that taking a 101 only for GPS speed may not be such a gain in the end vs the "loss" of overall range/benefit/fun on all the other 111 days !!)

Cheers ~ Ian