View Full Version : evo: control in bigger waves

2nd October 2007, 01:27 AM
Hi there,

Im thinking of buying an evo but Im not sure which one is the best. I know that has been discussed before, but it would be my only waveboard so its worth to ask. Im an advanced 75 kg rider sailing mostly in the north sea (Rm/Klitti/Hanstholm) and for one month a year in cape town. Sail range is 4.0/4.2 - 5.3 qm. Im wondering if the 70 or the 75 evo would be the best/most versatile board. When it comes to shlogging out I guess the 75 would be the one but when it comes to bottom turning probably the 70 is the best choice. Has the 70 enough volume to get me out in big waves with gusty marginal wind?

Thanks in advance.