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5th October 2007, 05:32 PM
Hello Guys,

I want to buy my first Formula board, to get more watertime in my low wind area.
I was offered this two boards.
The dealer told me, the best planing board is the Apollo, it is just a bit worse in going upwind;
Now i looked in to the Data, and noticed, that this years Apollo has a tail of 88 cm and next Years Apollo was reduced to 85 cm (161 has 81 cm). I am scared now, that 88 cm is too much.

Has sombody experience with this boards and can tell me, how they work in upwind, control, speed and turns ?

Thanks for Your help

5th October 2007, 08:39 PM
Do you plan to go formula racing, or do you just want the board that planes the earliest?
I would disagree with your dealer a bit here. The Apollo (with the 75 cm fin) gets going earlier than the F-161 and goes upwind earlier than the F-161, but won't win any formula races (at least not in regulation formula windspeeds) as it gets a bit sluggish
in the mid teens (windspeed here) with the big 75 cm fin.
Put in a good 70 cm fin and the Apollo will probably keep up with a formula board to about 16 knots, then the formula boards will pretty much "sail away".
So, do you want earlier planing in < 8 knots....? Then the Apollo is better.
Do you want better performance in >12 knots ....? Then the F-161 is better.
Of course to get the maximum from either board you need some jumbo (9.8 or larger)
formula race sails.
My experience with the Apollo suggests it's a little more tolerant of smaller sails and it still gets going really early.
I've used a 9.2 m2 Sailworks NXformula on the Apollo and the early planing was much better than several older formula boards, even with larger rigs.
So, upwind in really light winds....advantage Apollo.
Upwind in winds >10 knots advantage F-161.
Control..... similar on both boards, but probably very different than what you are accustomed to. Once the wind gets up to around 15 knots.... advantage F-161.
Fastest speed...... in < 8 knots, advantage Apollo... in more than 10 knots.... advantage F-161.
Turns..... if you mean tacks and jibes, both boards take some getting used to, and you will most likely stay dry alot more on either board, but even after you figure out the difference in technique, they aren't very "turny".
The Apollo is a better "reaching" board.... and by design, the F-161 is at it's best going upwind or downwind at angles you probably can only imagine until you've sailed one fully powered up.
Hope this helps,

5th October 2007, 09:24 PM
Hi Roger,

thanks for Your very quick answer; very interesting and helpful; need only some more informations for my decision.

More information for You first:

me: 93 kg, no races, but having a lot of fun in windsurfing, middle skill.

spot1: thermic area ca. 7 - 12 knots usually, but having gusts up to 15 - 20 knots (that`s what I m scared to loose control);
spot2: another lake with gusty wind 11-15 knots and gusts up to 27 knots (the same)
spot3: mediteranian see

material: 9.0 Gaastra Swift (starts planing with my 144 l at about 10 knots); and will have an 11 qm Yes race sail from a friend

what did You mean with "a better reaching board" -> sorry my english isn`t .....

is jibing really the same with those boards?
Tail of Apollo 84 cm? instead of 88 cm on starboard page -> I read<this some sites before

As far I understood, the F 161 is for all that the better choice, exept very low wind conditions, where the Apollo will be better. -> right?

thanks a lot and cheers