View Full Version : Go board repairs?

6th October 2007, 06:00 AM
Can you give me to some info on fixing the Go board? My pride and joy 2004 165 Go board got nicked and scratched when some kids used it to build a fort.
There are 2 nicks on the bottom edge/corner aprox.1/2 inch wide that go through to the core.
There are lots of deep scratches on the bottom edges that go through all layers of the finish.
There are also lots of little scratches down the middle of bottom not all the way through the finish.
I'm pretty good with 2 part epoxy and cloth, is this the correct material for the holes?
What kind of filler for the deep scratches? Can that filler work for the little scratches as well?
What kind of paint? The surface feels much softer than epoxy, can the same original paint/finish be purchased direct from Starboard?
Please help me get my baby back on the water.