View Full Version : Kombat 122 for chop

6th October 2007, 11:53 AM
Hi, what about the performance of the Kombat 122 in chopy condition?, I m going to a lake eith parts with flat water but when you get to the middle it has some medium chop sometimes big ( well for me i think is big! haha) , I sail there with a 6.5 and i think it would fit with the 122 liters. I want some volume cause I dont waterstart yet. I weigh about 70 kgs. The other option may be a futura 122, but when i learn to waterstart I would like to go someday to the beach when the waves are not so big( less than 2 meters) with a 5.5 or sometimes a 4.5 sail.

Thanks for the helps

9th October 2007, 03:07 PM
Hi Choppy
I haven't sailed K122 but I don't think it would be right board for you (learning waterstarts). For your weight and sails a Kombat 96 would be better, but it's maybe too small for your current skills. Wrt volume, you don't need more than 100-105 lit for uphauling/shlogging at 70 kg. Smaller board will also pay off when it gets choppy.
Also, have a look at freeride designs such as Carve/Futura (friendlier for learning), but if a you have a lot of chop/waves all the time, then a Kombat for sure.