View Full Version : Earliest planing sail for FE160

13th October 2007, 09:41 PM
Hi there,

I have a GTX 9.8 sail that I use now on an 80cm wide freeride board in 8-12 knots. Eventhough it is a really early planing combo (if the gusts are 9 knots, I can pump on plane), but once on plane I struggle to find efficient position. My GPS says that I sail up to 43-45km/h with this combo (kind of fast) but I think that I could go faster and more comfortable if I had a board with wider tail so that I have more levelage and larger fin to push against and close the gap properly. Also it would be easier to go upwind. With all this in mind I bought FE160.

The question is - should I stick with 9.8 GTX or should I sell GTX and buy something larger for the formula board? I can get used NS Warp07 11.0 in mint condition or I can order Severne Overdrive 11.0 for the same price. Having sailed smaller Warps, I know that they are very rigid and not good for early planing. So what do you advise - should I:

1) stick with GTX 9.8 and see how it goes
2) get Warp 11.0
3) get Overdrive 11.0
4) get 12.0 race sail straight away

I am not interested in racing so I don't need extreme upwind/downwind angles. I simply like to go fast (with gps) so some upwind and then full speed broad reach. I would look for earliest planing possible. If the wind would reach 12-13 knots I would drop down to 8.2 Warp and slalom board so top end not that critical in the larger sail. My weight is 97kg.