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28th October 2007, 04:36 AM

I 'am 84 Kg 1.80
This year I had the isonic 133 W=80 cm for 9.0 m2 (some times also with 7.8)
Top speed about 56 Km/h (with 7.8)

I 'am looking for nearly the same board, because i want to replace the 133.
The 133 was sticking al little on the waves in shop condition with the 9.0. and 7.8. In flatwater conditions verry fast.
I also have smaller boards for other sails 7.8-6.7 / 6.7- 5.8

The new 133 is 85 width, for me I have the fealing it is to big and I 'am afraid it is fealing much bigger, slower and heavier than my 133 Isonic now, and for me to bigg in smaller waves with 9.0 overpowered.

The 122 is 75 cm width and so 5 cm smaller than my Isonic 133.
I also want surf in low wind situation with 9.0 (or 9.8 some times, but not necesery). Whats your advise for the 9.0 most in low wind situations


28th October 2007, 04:45 PM
I have a new iSonic133 which I bought for use with 9.0 sail on flat water.

The board does feel quite big and will easily carry a 10.8 formula sail (using a bigger fin).

With 9.0m it is an early planing board and glides well through the lulls - but for maxed out 9.0m conditions I suspect the iS122 would be better.

Ian Fox
28th October 2007, 05:29 PM
Hi Sieger,

The new 2008 iS133 has the DFC rocker, it significantly frees the nose section c/w 2007, allowing the new 133 to run free/er than previous model.

If you want the "ideal" 9m size, take 133, if you want one more for 7.6-9m range then 122. 122 won't be very effective with 9.8m and 84kg, that is 133 for sure.

Obviously in marginal 9m, the 133 is the choice.

Cheers ~ Ian

31st October 2007, 11:41 AM
This is the perfect example of why the Hypersonic was so good. With the new Isonics you can't cover the range with one board. The 111 Hyper would go very well on the sails you want to use for your weight. It's a shame they are discontinued as they made the dicision easy. Hopefully it will go the full circle and come out again.

Starboard bring back the Hyper!!!!!

Ian Fox
31st October 2007, 04:33 PM
Live hard, die young.
Love it - or hate it - many consider Hyper was dead before it's time.

But reality is the slalom market has moved on and grown and matured and your typical customer now demands a higher level of performance (where the iS kicks butt), albeit at a compromise in overall range (where the HS kicks butt).

And slowly that compromise on the range factor is being reduced, too.

And as you know, who knows...the circle turns..

Cheers ~ Ian

31st October 2007, 05:12 PM
Long live the Hyper!

I run my H1111 with a RS Racing 6.7 & 8.4.

These new sails really take this machine to a new level, and to be honest, snot most of the Isonics upwind and off the wind. Which coincendentally comes in handy when doing figure of 8 racing.

Let the circle turn!

Chris Pressler
8th November 2007, 05:03 PM
Hi Maximus,
did you sail on an Isonic 122 already? This board covers an extremely wide range of sailsizes and works great in downwind and upwind. Get a bit bigger fin on for figure 8 slalom. I used sizes 42 and 44 for sails from 7,6 to 9,2. A 46 would work great, too for upwind. Sure, the Hypersonic is a great in upwind legs , but in my mind much harder to control in racing. It needs much more concentration. The Isonics are extremely loose and quick in acceleration, especially when you´ve made a fault.

Have fun on the water,

9th November 2007, 03:41 AM
Hi Chris

Yes I have sailed a 122. My impressions are that the 122 is most likely faster on a beam reach, slower upwind and downwind.... As we all know with beam reaches however, faster isn't significantly faster, most boards are within 1-2 knots. With our local racing, figure 8, you are always going upwind, hence the Hyper is still a great option, as Hyper is significantly faster upwind. The fact I only need one board is a real bonus for myself as a social racer ( I can put my 1 board, 2 sails and 3 kids in the car and go) and when the wind is gusty (which lets face it, most spots are, especially onshore) the Hyper kicks but. I run it with 55cm fins down to 31cm.

You may be right in terms of the concentration required, however this is my 3rd season sailing it now, and there is certainly some merit in staying with a board to get the most out of it. Hyper excells with the RS Racing, infact the new RS Racing goes upwind like a truck, combined with a board that undoubtedly carries the most speed upwind, makes for an awesome combo.

Heres one important point I forgot to add, the Hyper doesn't have trippy rails! Infact someone forgot to put the rails on it........

The tuning of the hyper is very important

-race sail a must
-boom not to high
-right fin
-more rake on the sail the better
-adjustable outhaul

Get all this right and the boards speed, over distance, upwind-downwind, is about as good as it gets. So for the average bloke , what more could you ask for?

Agree, its all about fun on the water.

9th November 2007, 06:57 AM
I have to agree with Maximus. I've tested the Isonic 125 (1st one) against the Hypersonic 111. It plained earlier but in medium conditions I couldn't get upwind. He was screaming upwind while I got spin out if I pushed it.
In racing over the figure of 8 course, the isonics have the same speed on the downwind leg. If it gets rough the Hyper is quicker. That may be because I can ride the board faster through chop than the Isonic riders due to skill level. I can't be sure. What is certain and has stopped me upgrading is after the 1st Gybe the next leg is slightly upwind. This is where the Hyper leaves the Isonic for dead. In the most recent races we had I started of the line 2nd last twice due to bad starts. I ended up fourth both times as I could fly upwind and past most of the fleet on the two upwind legs. This is no surprise really.
What is surprising is the chop on the lake had never been as bad as it was and I could overtake the Isonic's on the downwind ( Slighty off the wind) run. Even in the gybes where Hyper's are meant to be harder I could get past the Isonics who seemed to bounce heavily out of the chop. These were 111 and 101 Isonics.
We don't have a test board this year so I can't compare the newer version, but until it covers 6.7 and 8.4 in an overall ( Not just off the wind)run up and off the wind I can't justify the update. I have had over 20 different starboards now, as I love to get the latest, but can't bring myself to part with the Hypersonic. My wife is cheering as it is three years now and I still haven't sold of my big board.

9th November 2007, 08:10 AM
qldsalty & Maximus

Someone reading these comments might think that the slalom development is going downhill after Hyper was discontinued ;-)
.... which is not true of course. I've sailed hyper for three seasons, sometimes in downright stupid conditions. Sails from 5.x to 9.0. Almost Formula-like angles. And, for all its qualities, there is a reason all pros (and many others) moved to iSonics. If you regularly beat iSonics in races, that's fine. But I suspect it's only because you know your boards so well (sailor skill difference), not because hyper is necessarily better.

Listen to the man:
".....a higher level of performance (where the iS kicks butt), albeit at a compromise in overall range (where the HS kicks butt).
And slowly that compromise on the range factor is being reduced, too."

That's what we all want to hear ;-)

Fair winds

9th November 2007, 10:27 AM
Not downhill just a different direction. Now we need two Isonics (which the general windsurfer now demands) where as with the Hyper only one. Everyone has a different program. For me the Hyper still works very well and I wont change because every one else is. Sure the Isonic as Ian pointed out are the top guns. I wonder if the average sailor is as good as Antoine or Kevin on them. I know I wouldn't be. With current, tides, chop etc the easier it is to ride, the longer and quicker I go.

The point was that now it is hard to choose which board because it is almost the one sail one board situation again. I think from the test rides I've had I couldn't handle a Isonic 122 with a 6.7 RSracing powered up. It is fine with a 8.4 RS powered. The hyper is great with both. There inlies the difference.


9th November 2007, 03:16 PM
I believe you don't have to be a pro (I'm far from it) to notice the difference, many average sailors confirmed it. Hyper goes at its own pace, it seems not to care about lulls (neither for gusts), while iS is more responsive, accelerating as you push it. Gybe is miles better on iS.
Hyper still has the edge with its massive range, but I wouldn't agree it's "1 hyper = 2 iS", the advantage is certainly less than that. In fact, a quiver of two iSonics (say, 3 sizes apart) will give you infinitely better comfort/control at both ends of the range. For your 8.4 + 6.7 example, it's an easy choice: iS111, not iS122.

Please note I'm not bashing hyper (I still have more mileage on it then any other board), and the sail range is one of my top priorities when choosing a board. But it had its shortcomings, things move on, and for me newer designs are just nicer to sail (imho).

Fair winds

9th November 2007, 03:51 PM
I think that Starboard has such a large offering that can generate unnecessary problems. 76 86 96 101 111 122 133 where Fanatic offers 79 89 104 124 145 and JP 69 89 109 119. I am not quite sure there is a problem with range (but of course the Hypersonic was/is unbeatable at that) but rather uncertainty in choosing. I had an Hyper 105 and an 111, and tested an iSonic 111; to me the 111 could be competitive from 7.0 to 8.5; the Hypers could go from 6.0 to 10.0, but that's different from being competitive. My idea is that "competitive" range of the Hypers was/is more or less similar to that of an iSonic 122, say 7.5 to 9.0, but still can be used (not as effectively) in an even wider range; but that's interesting for freesailing, not for slalom competitions or even buddy racing.