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3rd November 2007, 06:31 AM
I'm thinking of ordering a Kombat (most probably 96) in the near future. I want to use it with a 6.2 Alpha and 5.4 Combat sails. In the past I've had the 2005 Kombat 105 and the 2006 Kombat 86. I found the ability to plan off the mark no different between these two boards. I've also tested a Evo 90 which was slower off the mark than the Kombat 105. Currently I have a Trance 84 for very high wind but need a bump and jump for 15kts to 23 - 25kts.

1) Weighing in at 85kgs would I expect the modern Kombats to plan up earlier than the old ones? Espically 15-20 range.

2) Are they rockered enough that one isn't constantly bleeding off speed approaching large waves like I need to do with the SType 93? I find this board frighteningly quick in big swell but magic in chop and flat water.

3) Is the Kombat the best design in the Starboard range for the above early planning use?


Chris Pressler
8th November 2007, 02:22 AM
the Kombat is a great one with a wide windrange and extremely ood control. I just sailed the 96 in Egypt. The water was flat and sometimes choppy. The board surprised with great speed and excellent frestyle and jumping performance. It felt super free and light under the legs.My weigt is 82 and I used 6,0 and 5,3 with a 24 cm fin. Originally you get a 28 cm fin, which is great for the bigger sailsize, but would recommend a smaller one for smaller sailsizes (22-24 cm). The board will sail quite fine in waves, but is not a pure waveboard. It will plan early, like you expect.

all the best,