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12th November 2007, 02:44 PM
Hi Ian. I have a iSonic87. I sail it with a RS-racing 6.2. I now search a board for when the wind is to strong for the iSonic87 (and my skills ). I want to sail the board with 5.4 en 4.6 race sails. I weight 82 kg and will use the board in very choppy water. I think the iS76 is not an option for me with very choppy water and my skills. Which board should you recommend ? Would a future or a kombat with a slalom fin be a good option with a racesail ? Or not a good idea and should I then consider other sails (no race sails) ?



13th November 2007, 11:47 PM
Hi Jeroen,

Just curious whether you have tried to match up the iS87 with a smaller sail and fin, like the 5.4 you mention. I would question using a sail as small as a 4.6 (with the iS87), but I would think that a sail in the 5-5.7 range would still be a viable option.

Chris Pressler
19th November 2007, 07:31 PM
Hi Steve C,
I never used a 4,6 on the Isonic, but a 5,1, which worked fine. You just have to fin a good trim. Get your mastbase far forward and catch the right finsize (32-34 for slalom and a bit smaller for speed down to 30). The board will work great with a 5,4. Put a variotrimm on your boom. The 76 could be pretty close to the 87, but has 2 cm less in width. In my opinion the Isonic 87 is an extremely fast board, but costs some effort to get to a personal limit. In the beginning I downcahnged too quick to my smallest sailsize. Now I have the Code Red R2 5,6 as the smallest and no other choice to go smaller. A topsailor like Kevin Pritchard sailed 5,9 most of the time in Pozo. Taty went on a 5.1. Both were extremely fast. And donīt forget about Antoine. But who has the weight of him. Whatīs your weight? For sure very light people would need pretty small boards in super high wind conditions.

Work on the trim and settings (straps etc .),
all the best,


20th November 2007, 01:28 AM
Hi Chris,

While it's really Jeroen above with the concerns here, still like you, I feel that he would well poised to take advantage of sails in the 5-5.7 range. While I use a Mike's Lab, it's about the same size as the iS87, and I find that it works very well matched with sails in 5-5.7 range. Also, because I'm quite a bit lighter at 70kg, I find these smaller sizes much more appropriate in my situation. But, frankly, I'm an old guy and far far short of your talent, to include the high level pros you mention. Nevertheless, I'm fairly confident that Jeroen at 82kg can readily benefit using the smaller sail/fin arrangement in concert with the iS87.

21st November 2007, 12:56 PM
Hi SteveC and Chris,

I think the iSonic87 and 5,4 should be work fine together and i will for sure use that combi. But in some conditions (very short nasty chop) the iSonic is just to freaky fast for my skills (and balls ). Therefore the question to Ian if i could use the racesails together with a board (which board ?) that limits the speed some and gives me more control in those specific conditions.

Ian Fox
21st November 2007, 04:02 PM
Hi Jeroen,

The iS76 really is well suited and sized for those sail sizes - and significantly capable in rough water - but in powered/overpowered conditions could also be described as you said ; freakishly fast and requiring a fairly certain level of commitment (mast foot pressure+cojones) to sail successfully in rough and choppy conditions. Of course, you can tame it with less fin, sail trim etc to a remarkable extent (for a hiwind slalom in rough water) but it's still a weapon (in a very positive performance sense) - and realistically that level is not everyone's idea of fun (or long life ).

Kombat 79 can be considered a more control oriented option, that's still a very light and plenty fast board in it's own right but with loads of control and ease at speed thru chop.
Most importantly the trim (ride style) on K79 thru rough chop at speed is definitely a more "relaxed" (less leveraged) deal than the iS76 or a detuned iS87. Downside is the K79's US ("A") box, which doesn't allow the "typical" (TT) slalom fins for hi wind slalom, but in the conditions and fin sizes you'll be considering, should not be a total show stopper either (plenty of good fast freeride fins etc in US box around 28cm etc).
Production weight on the K79 is getting into slalom board category, so no concern about this K being a bombproof heavyweight underfoot either :)

Cheers ~ Ian

22nd November 2007, 04:50 PM
Hi Ian,

How would the Futura 93 fit in here? Looking at the recommended sail range, it should be considered..... but i assume there's more to it than the raw numbers????

The iS sail range is obviously referring to racesails, but how about the Futura - would the recommended sail range look different if using racesails?