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6th December 2007, 07:16 PM
Hi Ola

Not exactly a Starboard-related question. I saw your comments wrt Atan "barefoot" boots on Boards forum, it seems that everyone is pleased with these. What thickness do you use (3 or 6 mm), i was wondering how much into the cold can you push the 3mm version? Also, is there a big difference between Wave (2 velcro straps), Mistral (upper strap only) and Madisson (no straps) models? (If you've tried them)

Everyone else's comments welcome.


6th December 2007, 08:13 PM
I have both (but are they really 3 and 6, I thought 4 and 7). I use te thin ones until water is around 10 degreesC, then the thicker ones. My feet are really bad from two much freezing though, so with more normal circulation you can get away with the thinner ones in colder temperatures.

If you sail a lot in really cold weather, I suggest you get both. The do wear out after a season or two, and by investing on two pairs at once you are both gonna benefit from the choice of thickness and in the long run still don't have to pay more (since each pari will get less us and hold up longer anyway).

Model: Only tried the two strap version.

7th December 2007, 12:29 AM
I have both types to and they are by far the best boots I have owned. If you have big feet you may struggle getting the 6mm ones into some footstraps. They were fine with my DK Contours.

If you have never had Atan's before they can be a little slippy on first use or two as the bottoms roughen up. After a couple of uses they are great.

I have madisson and mistrals and I experience no movement on either. The top straps on the mistral are handy to prevent flush

7th December 2007, 08:10 AM
Thanks Ola & Phill

Yeah I thought I'll need two pairs, since I sail mostly inland where water goes down to 4-5 degrees C. It seems that other manufacturer's bells and whistles (just check the "feature lists") can't really compete with these.