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7th December 2007, 04:26 PM

I'm wondering volume of this board. Is it really 100 litres? This is very important for me, because my weight is 117 kg. If I look dimenssions of the board, it's seems that Evo 100 is only 1 cm wider than Evo 90...so Evo 100 have to be little bit thicker than Evo 90 ? (roughly 1cm*10cm*237cm= 2,37 litres ) I have tried Ev0 92. It's ok in summertime Pozo, but otherwise it too small for my really heavy weigth. I have also used starboard fish boards( volume 95 and 96), and I have really like those. Those have also been little bit too small, but in winds more than 10 m/s big enough, maybe because of very wide tail. Problem is that I have probably break off every big Fish board that have ever imported to Finland ;) For very quick look it seems that Evo has quite same scoop-rocker than the good old Fish had? And I think I will love EVO 100 if its really have 100 litres. I think that for relaxed windsurfing, volume of the board should be at least surfers weight minus twenty litres(rather near surfers weight)? So I will need every litres of the board and thats why I'm so hysteric about the wolume :)

Thank you already for answer!

7th December 2007, 04:49 PM
I can't say anything about the real volume, but it is indeed A LOT thicker than the EVO 90 and I can easily se how it can have 10 liters more volume despite not being that much wider. For example, if you spread out 1cm extra thickness over say 2.2*0.5m you end up with 11 liters extra.

Drop me an email for some pictures of the thickness distribution and some other suggestions, ola.helenius@ncm.gu.se