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3rd January 2008, 03:53 PM
I've seen Kevin registered and used lot of times 2007 122 and 101 with great satisfation.
122 was his biggest board so no real need for bigger 133.I guess it's pretty cool.
Is it possible to that this season? New 122 is only 114 l. even if with a bit larger tail.
I think it can be sailed easy with a 9,0 and 8,4 (don't know if,successfully, with 7,8 too) but wonder how much (constant) wind does it need for start planning.
Please consider a weight around 81 kg,sea and lake use and moderate active style.
First (heavy weight) guys feedbacks tell about some "sinker" behaviour...
Thank you

3rd January 2008, 05:02 PM
Hi G,

As you know the rules change this year :
- Max 85cm wide and 3 boards and 6 sails register for the year with a joker for 1 board particulary for Pozo.
- The wind limit will be lighter also.

So in this case 2008 will be not the same as 2007.

Just for information, with 85kgs, I register 133, 111, 86. If I participate to Pozo, I will choose the 76.

All the best

3rd January 2008, 05:16 PM
Good point..

And interesting knowing Remi's boards for this year, is there a complete list of registered boards for the new season?
I've seen sometimes the registered board for the event in the pwa webpage last year..

3rd January 2008, 05:56 PM
Thank you Remi,
I knew that you would go for that as already read elsewhere.
As many time written I'm happy about my '07 111 and I do know that holding it I should go for new 133.But it forces me to buy 1 sail more as I guess it does need 9,0 AND 9,8 (which I don't like for slalom comp).
Plus,because of great feedback of new 101 (still waiting to give it a try) being not far from my 111 performance,I was thinking to change my board for a bit smaller and constitute a 122-101 combo.
Nedd to know more about 133 and 122 behaviour before taking decision.
Can you help me,please?

4th January 2008, 08:15 AM
Hi G,

Have you the intention to do the PWA? Or doing only race in your contry.

What is the wind limit there?

If we have to compare this 2 boards 122 & 133, I will say that they are working perfectly with 9mē, but in my case even with the 9mē I prefer the 133, beter planing and you can also replace yourself more easily. But this is a slight difference. The big difference is with the 10mē who is really in favour of the 133.

All the best