View Full Version : Stype 126 VS Futura 122

8th January 2008, 11:54 PM

I have a Stype 126 and I'm very happy with this board. My weight is 75Kg and I'm sailing normally with 5,8 - 7,0 and 8,5m . I'm reading all news regarding new Futura 122 , and I'm thinking about changing my Stype 126 for new Futura 122, because all press releases are very succesfuly. On the other hand I've some doubts regarding the new Futura 122 is widest than Stype, and could be less stable with high winds. What are your oppinions?
Thank you very much. Best regards and good winds

Ian Fox
9th January 2008, 04:34 AM
Hi Pedro,

You will find the Futura 122 is more stable than the ST126 - the combination of a wider and thinner (lower centre of gravity/centre of drive) design in the Futura122 ensures this. The Futura 122 definitely has a feeling of being more locked down on the water and much less "roll" feeling at high speed and in rough conditions. (think about sailing a door vs a log... OK, bad example but you get the idea!)

The extra width of a board could (in higher winds and choppy conditions) be seen to make it more slappy or bouncy, but this can also be controlled by the bottom shape (V and rocker) - and on the Futura122 this has been done with good result/s.

It's only a personal opinion from me, but I never really enjoyed the ST126 totally, but for sure the Futura122 is a good and easy, fun board to ride - similar mode/s and size to ST126 but noticeably different (maybe easier, more natural, more relaxed) ride character.

Cheers ~ Ian