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10th January 2008, 01:28 PM
Hi Ian,
Happy New Year to everybody, I'm planning to get the new Isonic 101 as my main slalom board for North WarpF2007 6.8 & 7.8 to cover most of the days in my area which are between 10-23 knots, my weight is 84 Kg and I also have F159 with a 9m sail for the less windy days.
I would like your opinion regarding my choice and a few words about the actual differences between the 2008 and 2007 models.
Thanks In advance
Best Wishes

11th January 2008, 02:58 AM
Geia sou superidi

I'm also Greek and I can tell you the following on the iSonic 101 which I have owned for a year now. The board is quite technical and can be a handful when overpowered. But having said that it is the best buy I did last year. I'm 70 kg and use this as my large board which I use mainly with rs slalom 6.7 and 6.2. I prefer not to windsurf in lighter conditions but that is by choice. The board can easily take sails of 7.8 size. Having said that if you plan to use it in as little as 10 knots I would suggest that you also have a close look at the iSonic 111 given that you are 84 kg unless you are good at pumping the board on to a plane. Remember that the actual volume of the 101 is 96 lts and the actual volum of the 111 is 108 lts.

As for the difference between my 2007 model with the 2008 is that the 2008 model is basically wider and thinner. I'm sure Ian will be able to give you a more indepth answer than mine.

Ian Fox
11th January 2008, 07:21 AM
Hi Superidis,

Happy New Year also !!

What Van has comment is very much correct : the range of "10" to 23 kts is a bit tricky (difficult) because the quality of the wind around "10" (plus rider skill/energy/tuning and water state etc) will have a significant influence on whether "10" (or more like "11" or 12" or even "15" is more realistic as the minimum ).

[ in the critical 10-15 kt range, every 1 kt has a very significant difference to available wind power - much more so that say 22 vs 23 vs 24 kts at the other end ]

So, I would summarize that for 12/15 to 23 kts (with maximum performance / minimum compromise at the hi end of the wind range) then iS101 is definitely still a good choice.

However, if you want to be more sure in the lighter end of the 12-23 kt ( I think 10kts remains impractical), then the iS111 is likely a better choice. At the hi end of the range, although the 111 might become a bit "bouncier" (big) c/w the 101, if you have (or adopt) a fairly "powerful" sail stance/technique, then the larger 111 can still be very effective over chop when used in a "blast across the top" mode, rather than the calmer "sit down in the water" mode of the 101 in the same conditions.
(how effective, and how comfortable/acceptable this is depends a lot on individual rider preferences/style etc)

Regarding Van's comments to "technical" , well it depends compared to what : If you compare to a Kombat 97- or even Futura 101, then yes, 101's more technical for sure. If you compare against a more typical or traditional hard railed 100lt slalom, then the 101 is a dream (almost a "freeride" in technical terms :) ). A lot has (again) to do with rider weight/size/power/style. The wider tail of the iSonics does benefit from being sailed (and controlled ) in a more powered manner, and across harsh chop the bigger/heavier/stronger rider naturally has more advantage to keep the back of the iS under control.

[ However, to keep that also in perspective, 2 of the main developers of iS who have significant test /design input to the 2007+08 iS101 are both super light (Tiesda and Per (RIP) both in the low 60kg range). So despite the logical rumor, the iS is not only for Antoine... ]

Regarding the 2008 vs the 2007, it's a subtle series of differences and in totality maybe as much as 2008 iS105 vs 2007 iS101. Benefits of the 08 over 07 include a better overall performance across the wind/usage range (the wider tail generally again raising the power range that the 101 is happy with - and with (maybe surprisingly) no real downside), better "carry" into/through the jibe, better /easier exit speed and better top end control thanks to the lower track/thinner deck profile. The 08 fins are definitely an upgrade over 07, especially so when being sailed more powerfully (as iS would like to be ). All of this adds up to a difference which is noticeable by most typical riders ~ but at the same time noting the 07 101 was (is) a really good board - and by no means obsoleted by the 2008 101.

If you have some further questions, please let us know.

Cheers ~ Ian

11th January 2008, 02:15 PM
Thanks for your immediate response both of you since the Q might be for Ian but everyone's else opinion is welcome.
The reason why I lean towards the Is101 is because I tried it from a friend of mine during the summer with a Warp F2007 6.8 in a gusty day of 12-15 knots and the board was rocking it had the "sit down on the water" feeling that you described, always on a plane and fully powered, despite the instability of the wind.
I'm also thinking that since I have the F159 Formula board which I can use up to 10 or even 11 knots it would be better to have a board with a higher wind potential and I believe that the Is101 will fill the gap better than the Is111, or not ?
Also, as you mentioned I like sailing in a more powerful stance with relative big sails (6.8 is my smallest) and the most common conditions on a good windy day are between 12-20 (4.5-6 Beauf), since it's gusty, with fairly flat water, additionally I'm planning to drop to 80kg.
If you feel that there is something more to add or mention feel free as it's always welcome and very helpful.
Best regards

11th January 2008, 09:00 PM
Ian I have to say that is as good an answer as anyone is going to get. Can you also please touch upon another question/query I pointed out on Futura 93 vs S-type 93 on the Futura 93 thread when you get the chance. Many thanks in advance.

Ian Fox
12th January 2008, 06:42 AM
Hi Superidis,

There really is a significant overlap in the sweetspot range for iS101 and iS111.
in the range you're considering, it's definitely possible for either option to be argued as "best" choice in these conditions; either will work really well, it's just a matter to decide where you place your "priority" in terms of the centre of the sweetspot..

As an ideal second board to a FW setup, either 101 or 111 can be(is ) ideal, as the range of both iS's is well down into the "comfortable" FW range (say around 15 kts).
Deciding at what point you want to switch from FW to iS is also a variable that you have to decide. (some guys want to transition to iS earlier, or have a big overlap in the range FW to iS - in which case 111 can be better).

When you comment that you really like sailing in a more powered stance and the water is pretty flat and mostly only up to 20 kts, these are all factors that can actually add more towards iS111 - but to decide more accurately where 101 would be better over 111 or vice verca is really a very, very tight and marginal decision.

## If you can detail some more your most intended use we can narrow it down :
> Sailing mode ; freesailing? long distance racing? M slalom ? Fig8 Slalom? (with long courses or short)
> sail size: You rather/more often be on 6.8 or 7.8m?

Hi Van,

The FU vs ST 93 comments are on that thread.

Cheers ~ Ian

13th January 2008, 06:53 PM
Hi Ian,

The sailling type is pure downwind slalom at a distance of about a mile going back and forth straight lines, also the sail that is most commonly used at about 85% of the windy days that I catch up (mostly weekends and vacations) is the 6.8 .
You know I was actually thinking that I could use the 7.8 with F159 during the days that the wind is too much for the 9.0 and critical for Is 101 or 111 before overlaping to any of them.
Thanks for the help,
Best regards.

Ian Fox
14th January 2008, 03:50 AM
Hi Superidis,

The overlap range on (either) iS101 or 111 across F159/9.0 range will be very practical.
(even taking the "easy" style of FW, the F159/9m can very easily be ridden until iS101/7.8m - and even in this case there is a sufficiently practical overlap to remain quite practical with equipment/rigging choice on the beach etc)

So no doubt the 101 can do the job, and will be the board of choice if the focus is towards "top end" of your described range - and more the sweetspot size for powered 6.8m conditions. It would be a practical choice for a sailor who prefers the slightly "smaller" board feel/response - and is prepared to work that little bit harder or more technical at some times (pumping to plane, a bit more skill around jibes etc) in exchange for a more livelier ride at top end. Note that across open water the 101 will almost certainly feel faster, even if in fact the actual speed difference to 111 is marginal.

The 111 offers an even better (more practical and not yet excessive) overlap with F159/9m (if the FW is considered ridden in recreation/light wind mode to max around 15 kts, as compared to FW racing, (where F159/9m would be a combo starting from 20kts ++ !). iS111 will be your "ideal" platform for 7.8m while still retaining board potential in wind ranges to 20+ kts (when using 6.8m). 111 offers better light/mid range (7.8m) speed and better re-acceleration around jibe etc for racing. If water remains (relatively ) flat, then "oversize" issues higher in wind range are less of a concern.

Most pro racers use 2 boards to cover the 12-25 kt range - and typically the (two board) choice for 80-90kg riders is iS101+122.
However (!!) if they were forced to cover that range with only one (!) board, the choice would almost certainly fall to iS111.

In the end, both 101 and 111 are immensely capable in this range - and neither will be a "miss". Most likely, the most "satisfying" choice will be decided by the rider personal preference towards a smaller or larger board choice in the same set of conditions : the slightly more technical (but potentially livelier, more responsive and even more engaging top end ) smaller board 101 experience, or the easier speed, less critical range / ride and more overlap reserve (to FW) of the 111.

Best typical choice (84kg / 6.8m + 7.8m / relatively flat water ) 12-20 kts : iS111
Best typical choice (84kg / 6.8m + 7.8m / relatively flat water ) 15-25 kts : iS101

Hope this has covered it - and explained why.

Cheers ~ Ian

14th January 2008, 07:40 PM
Hi Ian,

Thanks a lot for your help, your substantiation was very thorough and informative and from what it seems it's a very close choice. Personally I might tend a bit more towards the 101, maybe because I tried it and I liked it (damn fast!! and powerful), but unless I find a chance to try the 111 as well I am a bit skeptical about it. I'm sure though that what ever choice I'll make I won't be disappointed.