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11th January 2008, 06:54 AM

Having pre-ordered and pre-paid for a 2008 iSonic 122 though my local retailer - I now learn that it is most unlikely that a board will be available this year, and that there might not be ANY 2008 SBs into NZ!

Reluctantly I've taken my money back - and hope for next year. My sympathies to the retailer who's supported SB for many years - all the marketing and customer loyalty up in smoke, and now has to "make do" with Naish and Tabou.

So what gives?


15th January 2008, 03:20 PM
Hi Martin,

Attention has been brought to this post and as I handled the original order I feel that I should reply.

Firstly - I'm very sorry you have not received your board.

In July I made an order for 08 boards and from memory a 122 Isonic was included - At the time of order completion retailers had not yet paid for all 07 orders and due to this we were not prepared to bring in any further orders . This has unfortunately become a normal situation in New Zealand and due to the frustration this caused me I decided to move on and put my energy into more fruitful ways of promoting windsurfing.

Luckily Clark at Boardzone has stepped in to get things moving but he's in a very difficult position as any boards that Starboard don't have in stock will take at least three months from order to arrival in New Zealand. All other boards are due to arrive soon.

With regards to not supporting retailers - Wild Windsurf has done everything possible to continue bringing Starbords into a very small and difficult market. Shops have been financed up to one year in advance to an amount I'm not prepared to mention on a forum site - This can go on no longer and things will have to be done differently in the future.

I'm sure Pt Chev sailboards and Boardzone will work together to continue supplying Starboards to Auckland as it would be a shame if the leading windsurf brand is not available due to finance and supply issues.

Pete Smith

15th January 2008, 05:23 PM
Hi Martin

There is a brand new I122 here in Brisbane. Perhaps you could arrange a friend or someone to fly it over. Actually I have a mate coming over on Thursday for 10 days, then flying back to Auckland, not sure if he could accomodate though.

It looks very nice, and I may well be sailing one next year instead of my beloved Hyper, we shall see.

If you need any more info, just let me know