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13th January 2008, 02:50 PM
I just bought a S-type 104 (2007) but it came without fins. I have two Selects (34 & 35 Lightning Evo M). I will use the 104 mainly as a high wind slalomboard with my North freerace sails (6.0-6.6-7.0) and occasionly as a bump&jump board with my Severne crossoversails (6.4 - 5.7).

The standard fin (Drake 36) seems quit big to me. Is it to compensate the fact the S-type needs some good lift to get into a plane?

I think the next set-up will serve me right:
slalom : 7.0 / 6.6 Select Evo 35
slalom : 6.0 slalom fin 31 or 32
bump & jump : freeride 34 (Select Eagle?)

My weight is 88 kg and I have an intermidiate level.

What fins (size & type) can be adviced?

Kind regards,


Ian Fox
14th January 2008, 03:11 AM
Hi Joost,

Your selection looks quite good.

Of course, always some room to fine tuning fins according to personal style/conditions/sail tuning etc. For Freeride you could take a 32cm like Select Eagle and still be OK but enjoy a more responsive ride, especially on the 5.7m days.

The reason the 2007 ST has (apparently) "large fins" specced is a combination of the fact that the market previously critised the earlier ST for being supplied with stock fins too small (not powerful / suitable enough) for the average customer range/usage (which turned out to be demanding bigger fins [ or lower wind range ; board size ratio] than what our Team chose/prefer) plus for 2007 a narrower/deeper High Aspect fin was introduced to replace the previous lower AR version - this meant that for equivilent "performance size" ( as compared to meachanical or measured size) , a deeper fin measurement was required.

Cheers ~ Ian