View Full Version : How deep are the screw hole in the formula 2008?

21st January 2008, 12:36 AM

I would like to know it because I need to repacle the standar screw for a longer one. I need the measure in cm.

Thanks in advanced and sorry about my English.

21st January 2008, 02:16 PM
Are we talking footstrap inserts? Have you stripped one?

If you have stripped one this thread may help.


You can check the depth of the holes yourself by pushing a thin screwdriver in the hole and measuring how deep it goes.

21st January 2008, 03:56 PM
I have damaged two or three first rings in one of the FS screw hole and I think the best option is to replace the standar screw for a longer one, isnīt it?

Thanks for your help and sorry about my English.

Ian Fox
22nd January 2008, 02:04 AM
Hi Acme,

If the footstrap screw you have stripped is a normal strap screw (that's to say, NOT the FIN BOLT screw being used to hold a rear strap on Formula), then the advice linked by Phill104 above is the best advice.


Please check it and let us know if you have any extra questions.

NO - the best option is NOT to simply use a longer screw in the footstrap insert; using oversize (by length or diameter) can cause a split the insert - and cause a long term (and very difficult to repair) leak into the board.

Also the screws used in the footstrap insert are a special custom thread pitch designed especially for use in the "softer" plastic inserts (standard now for just about all windsurfers - but only in one length - and generally near impossible to buy in general use outside the sport). Using a regular pitch (finer) thread screw doesnt leave enough plastic material between each thread when the screw is inserted - and this is far more likely to strip out - and in a half or already stripped insert , the worst thing you can do.

Please check the other thread (the first half, that deals with footsrap inserts) - and please let us know if anything is unclear or more info needed.

Cheers ~ Ian

22nd January 2008, 03:28 AM
Hi Ian,

Thank you very much for your reply.
The footstrap screw what I have damaged is a normal one, it is one of the right side exactly the front hole of the back footstrap.
I have read the post you recomend me but Iīm not completely sure what I must to do, I think your recomendation is repair the footstrap screw with Loctite Threadlocker Blue or something like that and use the standar screw never a longer one, isnīt it?

Thanks in advanced and sorry about my English.

Ian Fox
22nd January 2008, 04:10 PM
Hi Acme,

Yes, you understood it correctly.

1> Try and leave the K9 (anti twist) insert OUT of the strap/screw
(at least on that screw, the strap will work OK without it)
2> Clean and dry inside the hole with alcohol/isopropylene or acetone
(use a matchstick to reach right inside etc) .
3> Let it dry for a while, overnight if it's not a hot day.
4> Use another matchstick and load the Loctite right down inside the hole.
( Not too much. just a good coat on side of hole but leave the hole open)
5> After the screw is thru the strap already, wipe a fine layer of Loctite all down the thread section of the screw.
6> Carefully load the screw and screw it down very tight, but not massively extreme.
7> Hopefully you didn't use too much Loctite, so no mess from overflow to clean up.
8> Leave it overnite or 24 hours - then go try it.
9> Never use a longer screw. Never use a non-special thread pitch screw.

Hopefully, no problems again, however for the next few sessions always check (with a screwdriver) to see the screw tension remains fully locked. When an insert has already been stripped before, the first sign the replaced screw is going to come out again is if the thread starts to seem loose (not locked)- even if the screw looks fully seated down..

Cheers ~ Ian