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2nd February 2008, 09:47 PM
After an absence in the wilderness (JP's mainly) I just bought a new 07 S Type 137
I'm now starting to fit the straps and cannot figure why they are so small?
I have tried adjusting across wider holes to get the width, but they just seem too short, like the neoprene will not stretch enough, hence the strap is almost flat to the board.
I am so disappointed with this, as it's a 2007 board I would have thought the straps would be a least comparable with the JP's.
Do the straps come in children’s and adult? I think I have the children’s set.
Please can someone advise, I'm not thrilled at the prospect of buying another set, I just want the ones supplied with the board to fit.
(I have UK size 11 Euro 46/47)

2nd February 2008, 10:49 PM
The straps feel rater small when new, but kind of "set" after a while. When new it is indeed difficult to get them "out" to their bigger settings. But if you screw them to the board like normal, open them up and loosen the adjusting velcro band there is way to persuade them into shape. Its a matter of first firmly try to pull them into their longer, bigger shape and then knead them for a while to make the internal layers set a bit. The pull them again and knead them again. In this way you can get them significantly bger than what at first try sems like max.

I hve smaller feet than you a I don't know it the straps really will ba able to become that large, but when I have my straps really loose and when I look at them adjusted for my 7mm winter boots the certainly look enormous, so probably you have a chance.

Report back and tell us how managed.

3rd February 2008, 08:33 AM

I have size 12 feet, C width. Your solution is a joke for guys like me. With booties on, which I wear because I sail in rocky areas far from sandy beaches of Maui, I've NEVER gotten a board that my feet would fit between the straps. Starboards strap spacings are the WORST I've ever encountered (my Berky was bad, and I drilled out the deck and installed extra screw holders to improve the Berky).

To accomodate MY feet, I dis-assemble the strap, pull back the neoprene, and trim away the sponge rubber near the screw-hole (leaving the foam on the horizontal part of the strap). Hard to do, pain in the rear. But it provides extra space for those of us who don't live on perfect sandy beaches.

ALL that Starboard would need to do to accomodate guys like me is put in an extra row of screw holes. It would save me 20 minutes a footstrap...

3rd February 2008, 07:03 PM
The width is a slightly different, through related, problem. People with small feet have the opposite problem, at least if they want a "wave fit" (ie tight from the sides but barely touching from the top). When I brought home som maui boards I got the same problem. Holes were around 2cm narrower spaced than standard Starboard mounting and it was really tough with booties (which I also have to run both due to cold water and rocky home spot). I used whatever extra holes that was in the board (ie a bit more "diagonal" up front and front/back holes for the back strap and got something that worked.

But I can certainly see that with your size feet, also the standard spacing might prove to narrow.

4th February 2008, 02:32 PM
Thanks for the feedback so far.
I think the hole spacing, while on the tight side, is ok. It's the length of the actual strap supplied that is the problem.
I have tried kneeding, pulling, tugging and swearing! But the straps still resemble man-traps rather than foot straps.

I've had a couple of new formula baords in the past and not had this problem.
Are the foot straps different for each board range, each year? I assume so.
If this is the case, please Mr Starboard can you swap these for some longer ones?


4th February 2008, 08:11 PM
Hi again,

I have emailed with my retailer and he will swap the straps for another brand! (I'll need to cut the logos off I guess!)
Mr Starboard - you are very lucky to have such good dealers, but please note: Straps should be better designed to accommodate a wider ranger of sizes.


4th February 2008, 08:33 PM

Have you tried the solution that Ola_h suggested ? I had the same problem. Couldn;t get the straps big enough. My solution: screw them to the board like normal, open them up and loosen the adjusting velcro band. Now put your foot in and press your foot in and up. Do this a few times. After some sailing repeat the above.

5th February 2008, 01:54 AM
...Or then you just purchase a set of DaKine straps. They always seem to work much better than any straps that come with the boards. And board manufacturers still don't learn...

I suppose it is a cost issue.