View Full Version : Futura Wood or Technora impact strenght

4th February 2008, 12:38 AM
can someone tell me what board is more better in a way to survive
impact from the mast or something else?

Does more money(wood) is realy better than Technora?

Or it is just lighter? And the strenght is the same as Technora.

I am recreational windsurfser, prefering rather little bit more strenght
board, with little bit less performance.


Ian Fox
5th February 2008, 05:11 PM
Hi Alen,

It's an often (and long) discussed topic.

In general most people rate the performance and ride satisfaction of a board in Wood tech as a better option than Technora - and often as much for the on water feel ("crispness" ) of the Wood over the Technora. Wood also allows a lighter board of similar structural strength to the (heavier) Technora, which of course adds to the performance and enjoyment.

If identical boards in identical weight were made (one from Wood, one from Technora) then for general structural strength while sailing, the Wood would (for equal weight) be a stronger structural choice. Over time, Wood boards tend to keep a more even rockerline compared to other technologies. Wood also needs a little bit more care, and can be more difficult to get cosmetically perfect repairs if damaged in the (visible) Wood area (although the complex Technora graphics tend to negate this issue these days).

Which one better survives "impact from mast or something else" ? We could write a book on the range of variable something elses and the comparitive results of Wood vs Technora. In general, the "average" of impact survival tends to be similar between both boards, but consider that in some situations the Wood may be slightly easier to penetrate (small very sharp objects - not very common on water but can be found if one tries hard enough ;) ...) The damage from masts on rails is often about the same, from mast impact to the nose it can vary from model to model(different combos of layup etc). Boards with Wood layup (technora reinforced anyway around the nose etc) can have a better mast/nose impact absorbtion (less damage) than Technora, but mast impact test results are pretty subjective so we wont go too hard on that line..

So which one to buy ? Depends again on the size you're considering, because in bigger sizes and lighter winds the extra weight saving over Technora can be a big advantage.
Smaller B&J sizes the weight saving is less of a noticeable thing, especially when the boards are more used in powerred B&J conditions. Resale ? Usually Wood keeps a better resale opportunity when it comes time to trade on.

But the bottom line : if you're on a tight budget, or you really consider that you will be likely to really damage a board thru your sailing (and thus reduce it's end value to close to zero), then the Technora is a good option that will get you out there, but leaves less of a hole in your pocket now. And later.

Hope this explains a less than black and white situation in a reasonably concise manner.
Please ask us if you have further questions.

Cheers ~ Ian