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4th February 2008, 09:34 PM
i actually have a 3 years old go 170 and very happy with it,i am an old sailor(64) and my capacity is intermediate,normally i sail on almost flat water with an 8 or 7mt sail.
i am considering the new range of go and like the 155 but i have some doubt:
is it reasonably to spend money for a so small chang in caracteristics between old and new board?
the advantage i can see from information i had on catalogue is few cm.less(this would allow me to carry board inside my car) end a little difference in weight.
also , will i be able to use the 155 as i use the 170 ? i am 77kg
thank for giving me some better idea on the interest to make this investment
regards giordano

5th February 2008, 02:16 AM
I'm quite sure that you can use the new Go 155 being 77 Kg, but why do you want to change?
Have you improved and you need something a bit faster, or you just want to get something abit smaller to get in your car?

11th February 2008, 09:03 PM
thank you for answering
no i did not sail better ,and i am 64jo,but i still enjoy very much sailing and eventually like to have better material.
what i would like to ha
obtaining in changing to the new 155 is:a lighter board ,shorter and less large to be able to transport inside my car,but also with better tecnical result concernig the sailing attitude of this new board.
i cheched the weight and apparentely it seem to be the same as the old 170 which i do not understand how is possible-if it is a little smaller and narrow and alsoless thik should be also a little lighter.

25th February 2008, 11:15 AM
Hi Giorvi,
Please check out the following link to the 2006 Starboard Website on the differences between FAST (Full Airex Sandwich Technology) and the Tufskin (ASA top layer) construction.
The article explains the difference in weight between the lighter and less durable FAST construction used on yoiur 2005 GO 170 and the more durable, but heavier Tufskin ASA outer layer used on all 2008 GO boards.
The FAST construction is no longer offered.
When you see that the Tufskin boards weigh significantly more due to the heavier ASA skin on the outside, you will understand how the new (but shorter and narrower) 2008 GO 155 Tufskin board can weigh 11.75 Kg vs your 2005 GO 170 (FAST Construction) which weighs 10.9 Kg.

If you want a lighter weight board, look at the Futura 155 (Technora) which is significantly lighter at 9.3 Kg. (2.45 Kg. lighter)
If weight is a factor for you, then the Futura 155 WOOD @ 8.75 Kg. would be even better.
Here's the specifications of the Futura 155 (same hull as the 2008 GO Tufskin) in a lighter construction):
155 liters 250 length 85.0 width 58.9 1'off 8.75 Kg. WOOD Const. 9.3 Kg. Technora Const.
The '08 Futura 155 is identical to the '08 GO 155 in everything but weight due to the different weight of the ASA skin on the Tufskin GO.

The lighter Futura (Technora) and the really lgiht Futura (WOOD) will cost significantly more that the GO Tufskin.
Hope this helps,

26th February 2008, 05:35 AM
Hi Roger

I was just looking at the board specs of the Go and Futura after reading this thread and noticed the 2D pop-up in the Go range is showing a Go 111, but no mention of this size anywhere else. Is there such a board?