View Full Version : iSonic 133 standard fin (for SB team)

5th February 2008, 01:00 PM
I just received my iSonic 133. My question is why the board is delivered with a tutle fin. The board has a deep tutle fin box. Did i get the right fin ? If so, why is the board delivered with a tutle in stead of a deep tutle fin ?


Jeroen Schuitema

Ian Fox
5th February 2008, 05:27 PM
Hi Jeroen,

Yes, regular TT base (compared to DTT) is correct fin for iS133
- and all larger iS boards, which feature a "thru to deck" TT box (pseudo DTT) for overall structural strength of the box (much stronger for deeper fins when the box unit/casing is bonded as one solid unit all the way thru to the deck. However the use of DTT based fins in these (non FW) sizes has proven to be un-necessary and carries additional weight penalty.

All 2008 iS fins are TT (regular depth) base,
- regardless of which model board they are supplied with.

Greetz ~ Ian