View Full Version : best fins for a (2005) s-type 115

26th February 2008, 08:59 PM
I have only had the board for a season, bought it new last winter. tough I learned to like it, I still feel frustrated - it feels like it is holding back. I tried several fins but I was never truly happy. what could you recommend for mainly a 7.5, 6.6, 5.8 and all are 7 battens and cambered. I have got a 34 True Ames Weed and that is probably the only fin I think I will keep. I need both weed and regular. The board is used as my light-air board, and I sail on lakes with bum&jump conditions at times, the average being a 0.50m chop.

what would be best to get the board to perform as it should? thanks in advance.


Ian Fox
27th February 2008, 12:31 PM
Hi Charles,

Rider weight (?) will have an influence on fin choice/s or recomendations.
Also the ride style/strap settings (outboard, demi slalom?) or inboard (SuperX/freemove)
have an influence over which fins pair well with the somewhat Jeckyl and Hyde ST's.

For more slalom like riding in lighter wind range, the ST's can benefit from use of a more slalom profile fin, something deeper, more vertical and higher A/R than the lower, more raked freeride fins supplied (esp with earlier STs). Personally I (9xkg) found 7.5m fullcam racesails a bit much for the earlier ST115, and although more fin (up to about 40cm max) made it better, none made it awesome with powerful 7.5's..

6.5 and 5.8m you could again take slalom type fins if you are really into straight line blasting, but in those conditions the ST's also had a very playful character that could be enhanced by combination with a shallower, more raked lower A/R freeride (or freemove) fin. Sizing varied (usually smaller also due to lower A/R ), but fins around 32cm were pretty universal when the ST115 was sailed well powered in that sort of sail range.

If you feel you are struggling to get the most from this board, maybe borrow a good (draft stable) nocam (or fewcam) rig and take the board for a spin in well powered conditions. You might just unearth the slightly less "locked" true character of the ST once it's released from the full cams. No, I'm not suggesting it will be any faster, but I am suggesting you might find a noticeable amount more fun riding it.. I did!

Cheers ~ Ian