View Full Version : Is the 162 the best?

5th March 2008, 02:33 AM
Australia Gaastra took 1st place? Calmia Midwinter F2 1st place?
Maybe the Starboard 162 has real competition? New Exocet has not performed yet though!
It would be great if we could get an unbiased report of how these boards compare in a variety of conditions but I guess thats what racing does for us.

5th March 2008, 02:50 PM
That will be really hard to get. It seems like it takes quite a bit of time (and fin experimenting) to get a board to really perform at 100%, and I find it hard to imagine any objective tester to put in enough hours with enough fins on all boards to do this. Add to that the fact that different boards may actually suit different riding styles, riders frames etc. differently. Finding the BEST will be next to impossible.

As for the results; in AUS Steve sailed the Gaastra and Antoine wasn't there; i.e. Gaastra won. Calema was light winded which hurt Antoine, so Gonzalo who's apparantly a wicked lightwind sailor won with a 162 (Jesper) close behind. AFAIK Steve didn't sail Calema, otherwise my bet is that Gaastra would have won that one too. Adn honestly I believe both would have been won with a 160 had Steve done both regattas with that board.

It seems that at least the 160 and 162, Gaastra and F2 (at least in light wind) are all great board capable of winning international regattas. Between these boards with correct fins I believe it's the sailor who wins the regatta, not the board.

5th March 2008, 09:10 PM
Seems that Formula boards have reached a peak of development and much of the performance difference is down to the skill of the riders? Still a test with a R13 fin across the range would make interesting reading.