View Full Version : Best Isonic for 6,5-5,5 slalom/speed?

19th March 2008, 06:10 PM
My weight is 76-78 kg...

19th March 2008, 09:53 PM
My weight is 76-78 kg...
I am 70Kg and I wondered between the Is76 and the Is86 for a while when I was looking for a replacement of my Sonic W52. I saw the Is86 and it was too big and the Is76, on paper, has the same dimension in the tail with just a slightly narrower max width. I am sure it works great especially for bigger/heavier sailors but I ended up buying something else, a Carbon Art Slalom 52 that at my weight and size (173cm) is right on at 5.5-6.3. For your weight you might want to consider the CA SL 55 (one size up from mine, similar dimensions to the Is76 but with narrower tail and more volume) that is more all around then the 52. You can get some info on the CA on their web page an doing a search at the Maui Sails forum.

So anyway, for your weight I would go Is76, or CA 52/55.

mark h
19th March 2008, 10:29 PM
I'm 105kg & 192cm and mainly use the iS76 with 5.8 & 6.8m Warps (also used 5.4 & 6.4 warps, worked nicely). The iS76 is 81 ltrs and does have a wide-ish tail, but it has a thinner profil C/W the 07 iSonics to compensate, dont be put of by this as it works really well. In practice, it does'nt feel like a wide tail at all. In choppy conditions, the iS76 behaves well. For slalom, it has good upwind for "figure of 8" races (goes better upwind than my previous Sonic 90 & 100). For GPS speed its fast for sure, I'v only been out on it a few times in gusty, choppy & square/tight conditions and I'm just shy of 37 knots v-max. In perfect broad flat water, I'm confident it will hit 40k (I hope). I'm very much a rookie and a better rider will take it higher. We've got a gale hitting the UK tommorrow, so I'll be on a mission with the iS76 for max speed!!


22nd March 2008, 05:11 AM
sonic 100 is a better board all round and cheaper.