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22nd March 2008, 05:00 AM
Hi guys, I bougth an Isonic 111 and realize that the board is heavier than my Hyper 105, is my Hyper super light or the Isonics are heavier? The difference is about a kilo at least.

22nd March 2008, 06:12 AM
What technology (WOOD or DRAM.....Technora) is your Hypersonic 105 and what
technology (Wood or Technora) is you Isonic.
Part of the reason the Hypersonic is so light is the deep concaves in the first years production (HS 105/HS 125 later).
Hope this helps,

22nd March 2008, 07:33 PM
Thank you Roger, both boards are wood, and the Hyper has very deep concaves and it is thinner than the Isonic.

23rd March 2008, 12:58 PM
Interesting to hear that the concaves would make the hyper lighter... I would have thought the opposite: wouldnt the concaves cut out foam(light) and add more sandwich material (heavy)? Unless a high density core foam is used..? I was thinking that the hyper was just jess reinforced that the iso, so lighter....

23rd March 2008, 03:52 PM
Could be that the concaves makes the board stiffer and thinner laminate can be used as consequence, just a guess.

23rd March 2008, 08:08 PM
Hi lopss,
OK, I was just wondering if the heavier board might be a heavier construction and you did not know about the difference.
Since both are wood, it may simply be that the full thickness hull of the Isonic is heavier
(as I would expect it to be).
Can you find a scale and test the weight against what the Isonic 111 is supposed to weigh?
Also, are you weighing them with the fins or not.
If your Hypersonic 105 has a carbon fin and the Isonic 111 does not there's a fairly significant weight factor just in the weight of the fin.
For Unreg......Huh?
I think the amount of sandwich material (a couple of layers of divynicell with a bit of very light glass in between) is going to be nearly the same as the flat bottom of the Isonic. I'm not sure that the overall density/weight of the cured sandwich "skin" is all that much greater than the density weight of the core material.
I have had a number of Hypersonics ( Wood Construction) and they were all very light in weight.
The original Hypersonic 105 (2003 vintage) had a weight spec. of:
Weight Wood 6.9 kg =/- 5%
The 2008 Isonic 111 (W 68) has a weight spec. of: 6.75 Kg.
So, it sounds like you either have a very light Hypersonic 105 or a slightly heavy Isonic 111 (W68).

24th March 2008, 12:45 AM
Hi Roger, in fact my Isonic is a 2007 model and the fin I use are the Drake fins that comes with the boards.The weigh I am talking about is without the fins. The guys at the store where I bought the boards also think I have a very light Hyper. I am going to measure the weigh of the Isonic, I didn`t know it is supposed to weigh 6,75.