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27th March 2008, 02:12 AM
i want to pick up a new board this year, but am looking for advice on what would be the best option(s) for the conditions in mn. we generally see about 10 knots on the lakes, and i would just like to have a board that would get me planing relatively early. i've been looking heavily into the formula, but have read that it's too much to handle in anything more than 15 kts wind? iv'e also considered the phantom race, but it's sheer size makes me nervous about even getting it to the lakes. does transporting such a big board payoff once you get it on the water?

thanks for any input

27th March 2008, 05:02 PM
have you thought about the larger futura's? Or I-sonics?

27th March 2008, 08:58 PM
Lake about 10 Kts ( 8 kts ) => FW + 10.7
More than 15 kts is not a problem, you take a smaller sail ( 9.8/9.0 ), a smaller and harder fin and GO !

Another possibillity, slam light wind as iSonic 133 W85 with 9.8, but starts only at 10 kts if you dont have the right pumping method...

27th March 2008, 10:00 PM

Are you a teen/child/kid ? Depending on your weight and skills, a Formula is not always mandatory...

As for the Phantom Race 380 cm sheer size, it barely fits inside a VW T4 van without a board bag. You'll need either a long-bed van to store it inside her board bag or strap her on top roof's racks for transportation.

What minimal wind speed are you considering to go out sailing ? Phantom Race is great for non-planing as well as planing conditions in 1 single package. If you'll pick up a large iSonic or Futura or Formula for planing conditions and wants to go sailing in non-planing conditions, you'll need a second board (Serenity?).

Any wind stronger than 15 knots on your lake ? Have you got another smaller board and rig as well for strong wind or is it going to be your 1 board + 1 rig package ?

Please, tell us more about yourself and your unmet needs.

Cheers !


28th March 2008, 12:58 AM
Formula, specially newer ones has the range you're talking about,
up to 18-20 knots it's all good:) Does depend on your skill/
physical condition and weight/hight- how far you can push high end comfortably,
latest race sails/custom fins will help also with the range.
No way you can get even close low end planning performance with
anything other than formula board in those ~10 knots daily

28th March 2008, 08:39 PM

Your weight play a big role in planing threshold. I am big on formula free sailing in light winds, but I usually don't go out unless white caps are forming (10 knots). Even with some caps, where I sail, there will be holes where I drop off plane pretty often.

I weigh 80kg, sail a F160 on 11.0 Maui Sails TR-3 in the light winds. As far as formula range, you can go out in pretty strong winds with practice. Pro racers can manage 30 knots with 9 m sails. I have raced in 30 knots, but I have gone down to a 6.5 sail just for survival. I frequently sail my 8.4 in 20 knots which is great fun. To handle large sails on a formula board in strong winds takes a lot of practice. The down side of big sails of 9.0 and larger is the cost (sails, masts & booms), but it can be worth it.