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28th March 2008, 09:59 PM
I have been windsurfing for 1 season now and have been using pretty old hire boards for practice. I am looking to get my own kit and could really do with some help.

Boards currently used are old style approx 2.5m long and 600m wide at around 145 ltrs. Sail is old and sized at 5m.

I can sail happily around a lake with this kit though getting it planning is a real issue and just cant seem to quite get it there even in 20mph winds!

I weigh 70kgs and am 175cm tall.

There seem to be so many boards in the market and some mixed advice. I would like a board and rig I can really progress one, but at the same time I dont want to have to change it in a years time as they're not cheap.
Help on the right kit would be very appreciated.

Many thanks,

29th March 2008, 08:17 PM
Is there a bigger sail available for hire? Maybe a 5m sail is not big enough or providing enough power to get on a plane.. Yes a modern wider board, in the 140 liter range is 80 cm and would definitly get you planing sooner with a apporaite sail. Say like a 6.0 or 6.5.

There are many barnds out there. The Futura is a great board, say the 133 or 144. Is there a local dealer near you?


30th March 2008, 04:11 PM
It would be helpful if you say what windstrengths you mostly want to sail? What other sailors are using (both beginners and advanced) on your lake? It's very important that you estimate this correctly, because if the wind is very light & fickle or below 10-11 knots often, you may need a daggerboard. You can't plane on a 5.0 so I suppose it's not howling.
If you often have winds of 15-20mph (or you are prepared to wait for good conditions), you could think of Futura122/133. You'll need two sails 6.0-6.5 and 7.5-8.0. Don't be scared of F122 (much) smaller volume, it's wide and stable enough for you to uphaul, you're relatively light. You can go for the 133 for more stability, safety and lightwind performance, but you will loose in the higher wind range - in 20+mph, with smaller sails and if it's choppy. Last years Carves are also an excellent option (cheaper too). As always it's best if you can try/borrow a board to get a feel for it.

PS I wonder if you got measurements wrong with that old board - 250 long, 60 wide and 145 litres?

30th March 2008, 04:30 PM
Another thought:
Britt and myself haven't advised a "beginner wants to get on a plane easily" board such as Go (no offence Go owners), because you want a board you won't outgrow quickly. I know this is a Starboard forum, but depending on availability, you may consider other freerides:
JP xCite ride
F2 Stoke
Fanatic Eagle/Shark
Mistral Screamer/Explosion


31st March 2008, 05:56 PM
Thanks Guys,

Some good info there. I was estimating the dimensions on the old boards I'm using so they may not be accurate. I saw a few new boards at the weekend and the old one I am using is much longer and thinner, at 145litres.
The windstrength I get at the lake is about 8-15mph. I have been out at 20+mph gusting but got blown all over the place and still couldnt get it planing.
There are no sails to hire larger than around 5m.
I'm interested that you both mentioned boards down to 122 ltrs. I didn't know I would be able to use one that low.
I'm going to try to get to the coast to try out some newer boards to get a feel.
Thanks for the advice and some board choices for me to take a look at. From what you have said I Think I might go for a 6.5m sail to start with and try to build from there.


1st April 2008, 04:25 AM
Hey Rob,

For your lake I would recommend a bigger board (probably a longboard with a daggerboard) and a bigger sail (probably between 6.5 - 7.5 meters squared). I made an online guide towards board purchasing and frequent questions that new windsurfers ask. You can check it out here:



1st April 2008, 01:18 PM
Good info on James' blog.
In 8-15 mph (7-13 knots), with probably lower lulls, it's Formula territory (not what Rob wants) or a longboard. Don't go for a 120-130 litres shortboard because it's fun and cool, just to find you can sail it properly once a month. There are sailors who are prepared to wait/search for good conditions (and you mention the coast where is windier I suppose), but if you want to make the most of your lake, anytime, you have to choose carefully.