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30th March 2008, 03:30 AM

I sailed a couple of times with my new evo 80 (08) and my conclusion is that it is quite different than the evo83.

- Is the masttrack in a different position ? for example, i had to place the mastfoot in a different position for my 5.3 than my evo 83
- are the footstraps in a different position ? in a bottom-turn turning to the critical part of the wave you need more pressure on your front foot toes, looks like the footstrap are placed more to the outside than the evo 83

I was looking for the ideal setup, sailing the evo 80-04, the evo 74-06 and 83-06 was different and I had to adjust my technique to make it work. More attention was needed to keep the board tracking upwind well without spin-outs.

I sailed the board with the fins I like a lot for the 06 evo's (select pro wave)

Any advise for the setup?


30th March 2008, 04:11 PM
Hi Griff,

I don't recall the front footstrap distance from center (nor the angle) being changed from 06 to 07/08. But a lot of other things did change so like between any two different boards there are likely to be some slight adaption in style to get the most of the board. That goes for fine trim of mast foot and fins too. Even if the boxes are in the same locations, shape changes tot he board itself can give you new "balance points".

When it comes to tracking upwind, the bottom contour of the 83 in practice make it have a flatter rocker and particularly with big sails and underpowered the 83 was easier upwind. But this was something I only could feel right when I went from E83 to E80. After a few session on the E80 I thought it went excellent upwind. In any case, the difference not bigger than what a slight adjustment in fin size will take care of. The 07/08 E80 is a looser design once on a wave, and for onshore/upwind intensive low wind stuff you can safely go for a tad more fin. That will take care of any upwind issues that remains after the initial adaption to the new board.

Bottom turns: I don't recognize this at all. For me the 07/08 E80 enters easier into the bottom turn. But maybe you can try one or more of the following little tricks:
1. Open the straps up a bit. I find EVOs in general very sensitive to using to tight straps. The original straps can be bit tight when new. I had a horrible session when my E75 was new, thought it turned rather lousy. Until opened up the foot straps wich transformed the board completely. And the "scary" thing is that the straps did not feel all that tight, but they were tight enough to affect foot placement on the board.

2. Try moving the fin a bit forward in the box.

3. Try to remember to move you back hand backwards a bit when entering the bottom turn. This s not a strict necessity for a good turn, but its one of those things that tend to make the sailor more active.

Hope this helps. If not, come back and ask again.

31st March 2008, 02:31 PM

I changed the footstrap positions (more to the front) to the config I had on my 83, wind is comming over here next days so keep you posted!

2nd April 2008, 07:04 PM
changed footstrap postions (more in front of the board), mastfoot a little bit behind recommended, fin more to the front, big difference!!! :-)

first impression :80 evo ' 08 is right between the 83 and the 74 of 2006