View Full Version : Triple front loop by Robby Swift?

2nd April 2008, 10:09 AM
Hi, I have received a press release that Robby Swift completed a triple loop. Does someone have the video or know if this is real?:

Itīs high photoshoot season over in Maui, Hawaii, at the moment, and following the tradition established last year by Kauli Seadi with his push-loop to frontloop move unveiled during the Naish photoshoot, now British rider Robby Swift is the man in the news !
On Friday 28th March, during the NeilPryde photoshoot at Hookipa, K-89 has quickly shown himself to be the most agile and the most aerial. After successfully landing a series of big double loops, the Brit decided to push his limits to the ultimate, taking on the move that riders have been attempting for some time, the triple frontloop !!!
After a number of attempts, Swift finally managed to do the unthinkable, successfully landing the windsurf worldīs first ever triple frontloop !!!
Photos and video of the move will surely be flooding onto the net any minute now, but thereīs a number that will be remembered from this latest special windsurfing day, 12... 12 is the number of masts broken whilst achieving this impossibility ! Strangely, Swift himself came out of the day totally uninjured...

2nd April 2008, 11:52 AM
Happy April Fool's to you too, brah!