View Full Version : Nose protectors for Futura 122 and Go 139 (-07)

6th April 2008, 12:28 AM

I have purchased Starboard-branded nose protectors for the boards in the title. The problem is the size, especially of the one for the Go. There is a letter 'L' on the back of the Go-nose protector apparently designating the size. The distributor stated it is a generic protector, but then, does Starboard make one? Should it be a Go-specific protector of size M (according to the charts)? More importantly, should the protector fit into board's nose dimension without twisting? I assume this should be the case, otherwise the attachment and its persistency could become problematic.

The same problem applies to the Futura 122-specific protector; it is slightly too large in my opinion, but relatively, not at all as large as the other one for the Go.

So, what is normal and what is not? Should I go for an exchange or try to glue them on by force?