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4th May 2008, 04:44 AM
I have just got my 111 Futura. Coundn't screw one of the starp. The screw didn't want to hold the hole. I read that it happened to others too in the forum.
This is a brand new board. Is this a production fault?
Why no official amouncment not been made by Starboard? I think this is a quality standards issue.

6th May 2008, 05:04 AM
would anybody answer from the team pls?

6th May 2008, 01:39 PM
Hi Kerim

If you have problems with the boards, I believe it is best to go back to the dealer and have him look at it.

I have a Futura myself, albeit a 101 and I had no problems fastening the straps. I heard that at least one more person except you had this problem and that Starboard was thinking of using longer screws to make mounting the straps easier. As far as I can tell, there is no production fault with the board, but rather it seems that the combination of the strap being new and a thick pad means that if you are unlucky, there will be too much force on the screw before it has gone deep enough in the hole. On my iS76 the pad was super thick at one of the strap holes and I had to push hard down on the screw to "set it" in the hole before proceeding with the mounting as usual.

But again, have your dealer look at it. He can decide if it really is a faulty plug and what to do about it.

6th May 2008, 07:05 PM
Thank you very much for your answer.

As you described, screws are not long enough. But on the other hand, it did catch the hole but after did break the first two thread. So does it happen because the screw is short and didn't go deep enough (overpowered the thread) or is this a material quality problem?

I would appreciate if you can answer that.
Thank you.
Our distributor didn't heard of that issues till I got my board.
Maybe Starboard should inform officially all the distributors.

6th May 2008, 08:34 PM
As far as I know, it is not a material problem. The problem seems to be that there is a lot of compressible material between the plug and the strap. Once you tighten the strap this material will eventually get rather thin and therefor it may also be a risk with a longer screw. So, the "trick" I've been using personally, is to manually push down hard on the screwdriver the first few turn to avoid the stripping that happened to you.

Once you got the screw to "catch" and have it maybe three-four threads in, then you can tighten it as usual. When fully tightened there will be more then enough thread in the hole for a safe connection.

In other words, the problem is that the system as a whole becomes sensitive to the mounting procedure. At least that is what I think. Maybe Roger has something to add.

7th May 2008, 07:59 AM
Hi Ola, and Kerim,
Yes, I know about this problem, and have had it myself.
They will correct it next year by providing longer screws (32 mm long vs 28 mm long now).
And, you are correct, it's a mounting problem.
If you get a 6 mm bolt and nut and a couple of fairly thick flat washers, you can "pre-compress" the K9 lock plate (the anti-twist plate with the tag on one side and the big "spikes" on the other side), the toothed washer, and the footstrap mounting area so that when you go to install it in the board, the screw is long enough.
I've seen a few where the screw really didn't "engage" and start cutting threads,but rather kinda "stripped" the top of the hole in the insert due to the lead in taper on the screw.
The only fix I know is to get the 6mm bolt and nut, and really compress the K9 lock plate (in the correct orientation to fit your board), and the rest of the materials that have to be under the footstrap screw so the screw can engage normally.
I suspect that you've only stripped the top part of the insert, so you should be OK if you compress everything and then use a new FS screw.
If not, then the process recommended on the repair link:
is about the only solution I know of.
But, as Ola suggests, take the board back to your dealer and see what they will do
under warranty.
Hope this helps,