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5th May 2008, 07:27 AM
hello again roger

I was out in overpowered 5.8 conditions yesterday and seemed to be having trouble keeping speed in my jibes. I was on my hypersonic 111 from 2004 which I know isn't the greatest jiber. I have never really had this problem jibing it before. I was sailing in decent sized chop (knee high I guess) doing some speed runs etc. When I was I just regularly sailing in the chop, I had no problem getting around all the way etc, but when I had a lot of speed, I always overtook the chop and then lost all the board speed.

What am I doing wrong? I try my best to keep with the chop (wide arc) and cannot do a tight jibe with the hyper. Is it just a commitment issue with my jibes in chop? I feel like I am almost too committed and the board just gets swallowed up in the chop.

Thanks a lot for the help,


5th May 2008, 10:26 AM
Hi Thomas,
Well, there could have been a number of different things that were spoiling your jibes.
Normally, speed is your best friend when pulling off a fully planing jibe, except when you
"run over" a swell and lose your speed.
Maybe head off a little more on your entry. Or somehow find a way so that you do't "hit the wall" (the chop or swell) when you are doing the sail flip or just after.
If you have lots of speed, and you oversheet too much, then run into a swell, you won't have any speed.
This happens to me a lot in the Columbia River Gorge because there are these huge mounds of water over by the mouth of the White Salmon River. From the middle of the river it looks like a good place to jibe because the water is flatter "between" the big rolling wind swells. But, if you try a wide radius jibe over there, you go up onto the face of one roller and as you are about half way around you run into the back of the big roller in front of it.
So you learn to not go that far across the river, and make shorter radius jibes on the
Washington State side of the river.
Overall, I did not find the Hypersonics to be "poor" jibing board, but you do have to adapt to them with your jibing technique.
It could be a commitment issue, but I think it also may be a timing issue.
Was this wind from it's normal direction yesterday? That can fool you, especially on
a smaller body of water like a lake or river. The wind changes directions a little and
all your reference points for "crankin'" your jibes get goofed up as they all change relaitve to the wind direction.

It's been pretty cold in your neck of the woods so maybe you ar just a little "rusty" from you winter sports.
Hope this helps,

6th May 2008, 03:02 AM
We have been getting a lot of East wind lately, which is quite different compared to the NW and S winds we normally seem to get. I understand your tighter radius carve, but I just can't seem to get around with the hyper tightly. I do like the hypersonic for flater water and going fullspeed in the jibes though. It does keep speed nicely.

Unfortunatly I am starting to loose interest in slalom sailing :-O. I have not even packed my 7.6 this season when going sailing. It seems I am starting to go out and either plane if I can pump with my 5.8 or freestyle practice. It is a real gear delema at the moment. I want to get into freestyle, but to afford an FS board, I would need to sell my hypersonic and my 7.6 and 490 etc. I plan on selling the latter two anyways. Trying to decide whether I could get out on a 100L FS board to lightwind freestyle. It is only 11 L difference, and only like 10 cm width difference.

What do you think/recomend?

6th May 2008, 11:36 AM
Hi Thomas,
Whether or not you can get the performance you want from a 100 liter FS board
is going to depend alot on your weight and the size rig you feel you can handle
for freestyle.
Most of the freestyle "superstars" are fairly light in weight and also come from places with 15 knots or more most of the time.
If you sell the Hyper and your 7.6 rig, you are going to limit yourself quite a bit.
I guess you are going to try to follow in the footsteps of Phil Soltysiak, right.
I saw a recent video of Phil in Brazil, and if you are going to follow in Phil's footsteps,
you have some pretty big shoes to fill.
Have you seen this video...... to put it in freestyler's terms.....It's sick!
But, if you start now, at your age, who knows, you could be out doing some of
the same moves very soon.
If Phil is back home, I'd check with him on what he recommends.
I'm not much of a freestyler.
Hope this helps,