View Full Version : re futura 133 vs 122

30th May 2008, 12:11 PM
Need some advice .have just moved to A tropical location.
Am 82 kgs ,advanced skills.Sail range will be 6 to 8 m .
Have a 103 l board I will keep and am happy with but need a bigger board for the light to moderate gusty winds with flat water. Tossing up between the 133 or 122.
Could someone give me their thoughts?

1st June 2008, 06:36 AM
The 122 is perfect for 6-8m wind range, and should have you up and running in approx 10-12 knots. A good slalom fin for the 122 (44/45cm) will assist with early planning and speed in light conditions.

If your aiming for 8-12knot conditions I would use the 133 with a good 8.5 freerace sail. However the 133 would require a 6.5 as the smallest to feel right

1st June 2008, 03:58 PM
thanks maximus

it looks like i should go for the 133 .it will give me more time on the water and i can change down to a smaller board if it gets a bit busy

2nd June 2008, 04:14 PM

Just a thought. Futuras are pretty wide for their volume, and can carry a lot of sail. If you are mostly interested in light winds here, you are not using it to it's full potential with an 8m sail. Think closer to a 9.0.