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3rd June 2008, 09:16 PM

I've got an Aero 117 liter from 2006. I do not feel stable enough in light wind conditions (8-12 Kt). I am 90kg of intermediate skills and most of time with 7.0 Severne NCX. I am thinking as well about buying Severne element 8.5. The Aero is better with a bit stronger wind (around 15 Kt).

I am wondering if Carve 133 or 144, maybe even the new Futura 133 or 144 or GO 133 or 144.

Can you give an advice?

Thanks to all.
Ciao Michal.

4th June 2008, 01:13 AM
I used to have the A117 (06) (buhuhuhu never should have sold the board, all the other KombatAeros weren't worth the time) and had it perfectly paired with an FT137 (but ~ 83Kg at that time)
I wouldn't go for a carve unless you can AND must get it really cheap.
The Futuras are quite nice, I have a 133 but I also have a iS133/W85. If you are looking at 8-12 kts at your weight (mine now ~ 88Kg) I would definetely go for either a even larger Futura or the iS133/W85 or larger. The Furtura will feel more like the A117 (more than the iS will) but the iS will get you flying in those conditions (compared to anything except "maybe" Formula).

4th June 2008, 01:19 AM

thanks for the respons. Actually, there is a possibility for to me to get iS144. I just need to check how does it look like, cause itīs a test board.

Letīs see.
Cao M.

4th June 2008, 06:09 AM

If I were you, I would give a bit more thought to the Futura133, but even that is on the big side considering the use of only an 8.5 sail.

With a ceiling of an 8.5, you really might want to consider even a smaller Futura. Still though, you're a much heavier guy than me, and you may prefer more volume. Another thought might be focusing on the Futura 133, and to consider looking at a much larger sail to help in light winds. The advantages to boards so wide is that they can easily handle larger sails and fins.

4th June 2008, 03:42 PM
I do not feel stable enough in light wind conditions (8-12 Kt). I am 90kg of intermediate skills
if 8.5 would remain your largest sail you might have to reconsider your wind range. The iS133/W85 matches a 10.4 very well but a 9.5 works well too (just a bit more work and a bit slower) (in above wind range).
If you really want fun (planing all the time and "speeding") in the 8-12kts range you would have to go for a FU155 Technora (intermediate skills == you WILL have non voluntary contact with your board == if your choice is the iSonic keep in mind its made of wood -> it WILL break).
I haven't tried the FU155 just extrapolating from my iS133/W85 and FU133 (width and especially tail width)

4th June 2008, 06:34 PM

I have just recieved another offer for 2007 S-Type 137 Liter. What about that.

...I do not have problem with Wood Technology, I have it on the Aero and it does not seems to be a problem even by a light crash (I am pretty high and the boom can not hit the front part and with mast it was all right at least till now).

Thanks for all the answers.

5th June 2008, 02:13 AM
define fun in 8-12 kts and choose accordingly

ST137 W I had myself, nice not too wide, won't break that easy but more like 10++ kts (wide wood boards >= 80 cm suffer from contact with obstacles denser than air, like water etc.)

fun in 8-12 kts (planing) only with wide (especially wide tail) board and large sail
you on ST137 W and 8.5 and almost anybody else on iS133/W85 and e.g. 9.5 and anybody will smoke you, you might not even see anybody pass.

5th June 2008, 03:43 AM
mim- I agree with Duracell. It's not realistic to expect to plane in just 8-12 knots with an 8.5 at your weight, regardless of what board you are riding. Check this spreadsheet to see what sail size you really need to plane in your target wind strength, and then buy a board that can support that size of sail (probably Carve / GO / Futura 144 or larger).


It says you will need 14 knots to plane nicely with an 8.5, and 17 knots to plane nicely with a 7.0.

To plane in 8-12 knots (assuming average 10 knots) you will probably need a 12.0 and formula board.

5th June 2008, 03:58 AM

I do not expect planning at those winds I just wanted to know what is a better choice than the Aero 117 to be close to planning conditions also by lower wind. I just wanted to say that with the Aero and 7.0 it is extremely difficult even by 15 knots.

I do not want Formula and I do not want to carry a sail bigger than 8.5.

You know on Aero and below 15 knots it is more about moving slowly and almost below see level with my weight.

Whaat I want is board for a low wind, that I can use with 7.0 and 8.5 and if the wind is not enough for planning than at least I can be moving a bit faster and more comfortable.

This was not at all about the sail range, I know that I can use even bigger sail...but I donīt have one and donīt plan to buy any in the near future.

Nevertheless, thanks for your answers to both of you.

5th June 2008, 10:09 AM
Michal- If you want a nice feeling in light winds (non-planing) but you don't want to use larger than an 8.5 sail, then I think a longboard would be perfect for you.

The new step-tail longboards (Kona ONE and RRD Longrider) are both very good, as are some of the racing longboards from 10 years ago.

I think you would be very happy with a longboard.

5th June 2008, 02:45 PM
I will think about it James.

Thanks for the advices!

Ciao guys.

14th June 2008, 02:32 PM

For your 90 kg, iSonic 144 is spot on. However, if you want to be in full planing mode in 8-12 knots with only an 8.5 sail, I'm afraid it wouldn't make the cut. You'll need a much larger sail than that to start and sustain the planing (with my 65 kg, I need 10 knots wind to start planing with an 8.2 sail on any board wider than 70 cm. In that 8-12 knots wind range, I'm using a 11.0 sail). Buddies in the 85-105 kg weight range are all using a Formula + 10.5-12.5 m2 sails in such a wind range on our swiss lakes.

Another option suggested by James is to consider a Severne Glide 8.5 sail paired with a Phantom 380 (planing + non-planing mode) or even a Serenity (pure gliding mode). This is certainly a valid and versatile option if you don't want to go bigger than an 8.5 m2 sail.

Cheers !