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4th June 2008, 04:16 PM
I'll learn jibe use go 122

but i find go 122 use a Freeslalom 40cm fin

how about a drake freeride 37cm fin ?

which fin do jibe easy ?

4th June 2008, 05:03 PM
the 37 will jibe easiers as it is a freeride. This means it has a difrerent, mroe curved profile with less water resistance, however the speed will be lower then with the 40 freeslalom though considering both profiles i'm not sure how much difference there will be. Also the sailrange on the 40 will be bigger then on the 37 freeslalom. Personally i prefer sailing slalom fins because you can jibe at almsot the same angle by putting more effort into it and you have a higher speed. However, when the winds blow strong i prefer a freeride or crossover fin, they give you more controle over the board without losing too much speed on the way. Slaloms will be faster none the less but because of the speed the board will be harder to controle and you end up in very messy situations.

hope this helps

4th June 2008, 05:41 PM
Thank you afblaster

which wind speed fit to lean jibe. 10kt 12kt or 14kt.

I use 5.5 sail. weight 115kg

4th June 2008, 05:49 PM
which wind speed fit to lean jibe. 10kt 12kt or 14kt.

I use 5.5 sail. weight 115kg

... 5.5 and 115 K, do you get planning in 10-14 knots? I weigh 95 K and in 12 knots i rig a 8.8 formula sail to get planning after a good deal of pumping. To lay down jibe you need to have planning speed else the whole process takes too long and you're bound to fall on your sail. with a 5.5 you're gonne need at least 20 knots or so to get planning. Once you get there, get up to a good speed and course and then only can you start putting your rear foot across to initiate the process, then lay down the sail, push harder onto the backfoot, wait till you're fulle downwind and then lift and flip. But in 14 knots ... not happening if you ask me.

4th June 2008, 06:01 PM
sorry 57.5kg not 115kg。

which planning speed do jibe easy and no pain. I could get planning in 10-12kt use 5.5 and 14-20kt use 4.7

4th June 2008, 08:44 PM
LOL, makes a lot more sence. Once you get planning you can start working on technique, no worries.


4th June 2008, 10:24 PM
Hi xmlshop,
Somehow, even changing your weight from 115 Kg (253.5 lbs) to 57.5 Kg (126.7 lbs) does not make your numbers add up to easily planing at the windspeeds you are talking about.
If you changed your sail size/windspeed to 10-12 knots on a 6.5-7.5 m2 rig, 12-16 knots on your 5.5, and 16-20 knots on your 4.7 m2 rig I could see you being powered up (at 126 lbs/57.5 Kg) enough to complete a jibe in the upper wind range of each sail.
Are you trying to learn a fully planing carve jibe, or something else.
The difference between a 40 cm Drake Free Slalom and a 37 cm Drake Freeride fin is fairly insignificant at 14 knots windspeed unless you have alot of chop to deal with.
If lots of chop, they CC is correct the more "curvy" planform of the 37 cm Freeride will be a bit more forgiving, but what you gain in higher speed "forgivingness" you will lose in your ability to get on plane earlier and you will lose a bit of upwind capability as well.
Hope this helps,

5th June 2008, 03:43 AM
XMLShop could have miscalculated his windspeeds. If you don't have a windmeter it's often hard to estimate. You can only tell from a lot of experience on your own spot how hard the wind is blowing there. Once you get to a new spot, you're clueless again without a meter.

Anyway, it doesn't take away that xmlShop claims to be planning, even if his estimates are off. Once he is planning, and is fully planning, then he can work on both jibes aswell as laydown jibes. Besides, on the free forum, arent we discussing the issue of freestyle sails and their early plannning power in comparison to normal sails? But yeah, i'll have to agree, 57 K and planning on a 5.5 ... a lot of gusts and pumping might make it happen. In anycase, a nonplanning situation is always good to start jibe practice, that way you get a feel for it.

16th June 2008, 06:29 AM
Thanks you crazychemical

thanks you Roger

I could use 37cm fin as backup:)