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14th June 2008, 10:12 PM
I have been sailing for 20+ years, weigh 87kg, with about 10 good fins in my quiver, so I think I know about fins, set up, and board control. But there is obviously a gap in my knowledge!

I hardly ever spin out. During first sessions on my new Futura 122 with a powered up Ezzy 7.0 Freeride, I was disappointed by a lot of spinout using the 40 cm stock fin. Spinouts occured both upwind and, really surprisingly, on a fast broad reach. All were recoverable.

Straps were set inboard. Moving the mast base forward a couple of cm ahead of centre seemed to help, but did not eliminate the problem. A change to a 36 cm more swept freeride fin with a similar area seemed to fix the problem.

The stock fin looks great, with no apparent defects. Starboard stock fins are usually pretty good, and Starboard says that the stock fin was developed specifically for the board, so I am concerned that I am doing something wrong.

Are other customers having this problem? Do you have any suggestions?


15th June 2008, 11:31 AM
Hi SpeedyG,
I didn't get a Futura 122 this year, but I did get a Futura 133 and the Isonic 111.
I have found a small, but easily fixable problem with the fins on both of these boards.
If you run your fingertips over the Drake logo on the fin, you may find that the rear side of the lettering of the logo sticks up slightly above the surface of the foil.
A few minutes with a flat sanding block, with 400 grit wet and dry abrasive cloth and a little water to wet things out and you can smooth out the lettering and blend it into the surrounding foil surface.
This really made a big difference on both the Futura and Isonic.
Check your fins, and if you can feel anything about the lettering/logo that's "proud" of the surrounding foil, smooth it off.
On my 4 fins, the Drake logo is approx. 50% removed on the trailing edge side.
Hope this helps,

16th June 2008, 10:00 PM
Roger - I appreciate your prompt responase. I thought your suggestion was excellent. The lettering on the fin was slightly proud, so I smoothed the fin down.

I was fortunate to be able to test the theory yesterday, and was still having spin-out problems, but only up wind this time. I am starting to think that my spin-outs may be technique-related. I was pretty powered up, and may have been using too much foot pressure. A more upright stance seemed to alleviate the problem. I will work on it.

I do think you are on to something with the raised lettering, so make sure that Drake is aware.

Thanks for your help.

17th June 2008, 01:41 PM
Hi SpeedyG,
One aspect of "spin out" that almost no one mentions is the affect that a lull (diminishing wind) has on your fin.
Think about it.......
When you get all dialed in and you are comfortable with the amount of rear foot pressure you are putting on the fin, and the fin is working well, especially when heading as high as possible upwind, any change in the pressure on the rig results in an immediate change in pressure on the fin.
What often happens (to most of us I'll bet) is that as the rig pressure diminishes, we tend lean back, or sheet in (or both) as there is a significant change in the "pull" of the rig.
When we "fall back" and/or sheet in where does the pressure go?
Right down your back leg and onto the fin, which now "spins out" because you've increased the pressure on the fin, at the same time the rig pressure is diminishing.
I've found that even really super good fins still "spin out" occasionally, and most often it's when I sail into a lull in the wind speed.
You would think it's the other way around, but when the rig pressure increases, it pulls us more toward the lee side and actually lightens the load on the fin slightly.
Glad the sanding of the logo had a positive result.